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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Rey Mysterio ; Superstar Collection

vs Chris Jericho (Bash 09) : **** 1/2
vs Dolph Ziggler (Night of Champions 09) : *** 1/2
vs Batista (Cage ; SD 10) : *** 1/2
vs CM Punk (Over the Limit 10) : ****

For like 7 bucks, this was an extremely solid pickup. The match vs Jericho at the Bash is the second best match of 2009 (but not even CLOSE to Taker-HBK like some very insane people say) with tons of callbacks to previous matches , great pacing and all of that jazz. vs Ziggler is an awesome match in it's own right with Ziggler playing the pretty boy/cocky heel perfectly to Rey's little man offense. How every single one of Ziggler's counter's is into a "show-off" type move is great.

The Batista match is all storytelling, with Batista systematically destroying Rey and beating him senselessly until Mysterio gets an opening and takes the match. Batista challenging Rey to do the 619 on him in the cage, only for Rey to leapfrog over Batista and almost escape is an awesome moment (and anything out of the normal cage formula is great for me). The Punk match is fucking AWESOME and perhaps their best match together, with a fantastic pace (like most Rey/Punk matches) and some awesome callbacks to their previous matches.

Overall, for such a cheap price this one is definitely worth checking out as you get an all-time classic, one of the best matches of 2010, and two *** 1/2 matches as a nice side piece. Obviously at like 82 minutes in length it isn't the greatest DVD in the world but I'm a huge fan of these little bargain DVDs that this is going to get a great score from me . (I'M RATING IT AS A ONE DISC BASICALLY)

7/10 (Recommended)

Funny you should mention that Starbuck, watching NOC 12 right now actually, can't wait to rewatch the Cena-Punk match that fluctuates from **** 1/4 to **** 1/2 everytime I think about it, getting a definitive opinion now. God that opening 4 way is underwhelming, loving the second match though, good shit.

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