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Re: CHIKARA - Season 11 Discussion Thread

EmbassyForever if you teasing me I will find you and I will give you STERN talking to.

Amasis returning would without a doubt turn this into the most memorable Chikara show probably ever. I haven't watched enough to really make that statement have any weight behind it but just from this year all the matches announced and possibly going to be announced make this card better than any of them. This includes C-Rex or KOT.

You've got a tag match with a shot at the titles on the line. One team being the uber fun, and awesome faces in 3.0. The other being one of the most notorious and talented tag teams in Chikara with FIST.

You've got the 10-Man WAR!!! Delirious stepping back into the ring with his minions the Batiri and Ophidian by his side. The Spectral Envoy plus 2 mystery partners can be either the most surprising or...actually no matter who they are it is going to be surprise to me since I am thinking one is going to be Crossbones since he would make the most sense but that second partner could be anyone. If it were Amasis I would be in disbelief since he legit retired and said he couldn't do it after he got in an accident or something and had Ophidian turning heel as his last appearance. If you are relatively a newbie to Chikara, like myself, and have just watched the past couple of seasons then this match is awesome by itself. If you then take into account the backstory with Delirious and Ultramantis Black then you probably even have more to sink your teeth into. This match is Chikara in a nut shell. A great match for someone who has just seen a few shows and an even better match for those that know the history.

ACH vs. Mark Angelosetti is not your typical Chikara match but for that's okay because of that previous Chikara-rich match. These guys maybe put on the best Chikara match this year not involving Eddie Kingston. Even if they take it down a hair and I expect this match to be a hell of a match.

Quackenbush vs. Jigsaw has not been announced for this show and if it does get announced that HOLY POOP! Trainer vs. Trainee, Partner vs. Partner, Fantastic Wrestler vs. Fantastic Wrestler. This match would have all the makings of a great match. Even if they don't do this match her and have them maybe in a tag match with Quack/(Insert Ant) vs. Jigsaw/Shard for this match instead of a 1 vs. 1 match it be sweet. To be honest with the way the card looks they don't need another top quality match so setting up one of the main feuds for next season would be splendid.

The Tag Title match is speculated to be The Young Bucks vs. 123 Kid/Marty Jannetty. I can't say I am looking forward to this. Could be fun to be honest but not exactly what one would expect for the title match for the Season Finale. As long as the Bucks win I'm happy.

Then there is the main event. People on twitter were saying how they aren't excited for this match and how the build just seemed too quick. I disagree. We all knew or at least hoped this match would happen here and it will. Donst vs. Kingston for the Grand Championship. Two of the best talkers in independent wrestling today. I remember watching Kingston's promo right before High Noon and I remember how that single promo talked me into buying that show. There are few people who can get you to invest in a product just by talking. And when I heard Tim Donst at KOT this year he gave me shivers. "Karma isn't real...but Tim Donst is". This is Donst's shot. Everytime I see him wrestle I'm impressed but he has yet to have that big match. This is that match.
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