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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Dimas75 View Post
CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rolling, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, with Paul Heyman as manager. Seems more like a modern day version of the Danger Alliance, or even a more traditional stable like Four Horsemen/Evolution. I dont see any simularities with A&8s.
A modern day Dangerous Alliance..Hmmmm...If Heyman is in charge of booking it only then would that interest me.

Originally Posted by Roncaglione View Post
Whatever you are acting like Aces & Eight is a major success or something. You should pick your fanboy spots and you want come as silly as you are here..
For TNA they have been a major success. Interesting how you picked out the last of what I said and never picked up on the " I havent seen it myself yet but was told" part.

Originally Posted by joeisgonnakillyou View Post
lulz the roles are reversed now.
- "AJ wearing pink for cancer awareness? that cena wannabe"
- "dude, he has been using that since 2009"

Even if WWE copied aces/eights idea, which they didn't. I would close my eyes because ripped off or not I WANT TO SEE SOMETHING in WWE besides big untalented fucks getting pushed. Now is this a response to TNA's aces/eights similar to what DX was to NWO? maybe...
After the botching of Nexus and Punk angle I'm not holding out much hope for this going well. BTW there was nothing hard to read about your paragraph.

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