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Originally Posted by Anark View Post
It's barely even a gimmick in Rants, just something I've said a few times for the lulz. Like claiming to be the Best In The World or something like that. It doesn't mean anything.

That doesn't make for good ranting material though, so we have two people accusing me of having a messiah complex, when really I'm just a naughty boy.
A few times? LOL
You have a messiah complex.
You disliked my way of posting, fair enough, you have a point, but all of sudden you started with this summer shit what had nothing to do with the topic
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Seriously, fella, if you ain't got nothing to bring then don't be embarrassed, but don't flap yourself about as if you do have something to offer.

Skulk away like half of my summer victims did. If you think a tirade-of-banality-writing chump like yourself can live with me, then you go on ahead. It's quite cute really.

Come on then, destroy me.
your next response
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
CMWit first, RevolverSnake second, and then like Hades following the Four horseman, there comes Bully.

There is only one reason why you are currently able to enjoy Rants, and that's because I have agreed that Bully should be allowed to attempt his re-education program. I have backed away from the chumps for that one reason only. But it's hanging on a thread, and it's the likes of you that are yanking on that thread.

Do you really think the jobbers will run to save you from me? Barely any of you survived the Summer of Anark. Do you really want a winter?
Funny how you claim now that your messiah gimmick is something irrelevant like "best in the world" when yesterday you posted how better users made you the saviour because nobody else got what it takes to step up.
It seems like you expected that these better users would back you up because you saved the summer and when you realized that everybody called you weird, be it a noob or an admin, you changed the story.
Everybody can make mistakes but at least admit it or just no-sell it but this cop-out is just pathetic
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