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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Loved this episode, Rick's temporary insanity is great, and like Mr. said I don't believe Hersel heard a dial tone, I sure as hell didn't, it just sounded like pure static or some shit. I also took notice to the look he had on his face after he picked up the phone and listened in for a dial tone. Hearing about Dale's mom was said as fuck, and it's nice that he's close to Carl (and I suppose to a lesser extent Rick) enough to tell him what happened. Glad he found Carol as well the suspense of knowing if she was alive or dead wasn't engaging or a must know, but rather annoying as fuck. I kind of cheated and skipped ahead with the comics, and here's something that I hope DOESN'T happen in the TV show.

Spoiler for Possible Walking Dead Future:
shit gets dark as all mighty hell in the comics compared to the darkness of the tv show, here's some things that I hope don't happen or are changed in the tv series.

1. Glenn's death: Don't mind the appearance of the Saviors in the tv series, but fuck will this be brutal, unfortunately it will probably happen. sucks Glenn is my favorite character next to Carl, Dale, and Rick.

2. Michonne's rape: Don't know if this will or won't happen, her capture most likely will.

3. Dale's death: First of all it's the most bullshit death out of the main cast, he dies by being bitten from a fucking walker, I'd rather he died in a blaze of glory taking out a fucking ton of the Saviors. Seeing as how popular Dale is compared to the other characters in the tv series, I somewhat doubt this will happen, at least not the way it did anyways.

4. Andrea kills Dale: She's a fucking cunt who doesn't deserve the honor of killing Dale Dixon in the tv series.

5. Andrea and Rick hook up: Again, she's been made to be a cunt and a pity party slut in the tv series, fuck her.
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