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Originally Posted by Anark View Post
That's just complete nonsense.

I didn't attack you or Cat, she went for me and told a load of lies in an attempt to reassure herself of her status. I stripped her OP down, broke it into tiny bits and all that was left was a load of jelly twaddle. I told you and RS to stop sucking each other off because you were posting cock-sucking posts to each other. It was a joke that you couldn't take.

You haven't served anyone. You're a status-obsessed muppet and you're only making it worse by scraping that barrel of bullshit.
How are they lies when they are right in the quotes I posted?

You are fucking dumber than anyone could have imagined. Other people also came in and backed up these 'lies', regardless of them being in the very posts of yours that I quoted and directly responded to.

Fucking pussy.

I have no 'status'. It's an online forum. It's cute that you have all these names for yourself and your worthless summer indoors but not everyone does things for a 'status'. What do I gain from this? Recognition? Obviously don't need any. 'Getting over'? Been 'over' since 2006. Recruiting new 'followers'? Nope, same people who have been cool with me still being cool with me, and anyone who agrees with the obvious is not trying to kiss my ass, they just simply agree that you are arrogant and full of yourself. When every post is about some bullshit saviour garbage and telling people they can't 'run' with you, it isn't a joke, it is something you really believe, and saying 'it doesn't happen outside of rants' to try to save face isn't going to work. Of course you don't say it outside of rants, you idiot. The comments would start a shit war and you would probably end up being banned if you said it outside of this section.

Wiped up the floor with your ass, take it like a man, stop embarrassing yourself, and bow out, bitch.

You remind me of Cerbs. It's funny because I even commented on your first picture that you looked like Cerbs and your second picture was totally different. Spawned from the same shitheap.

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