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Re: Where does CM Punk go now?

Originally Posted by Evil Peter View Post
I don't think we could have said for sure that Punk would have retained every time since WWE can be quite wasteful. The reports were that they thought about putting the title on Ryback at HIAC all the way to the actual match day, which would have been bad for both Punk and Ryback. WWE is known for doing dumb things like that and then just throw the original thing back on the table in time for the long term plan to work out.

To me all logical booking said to have Punk retain but I just don't expect WWE to act logical all the time.

Then again I didn't expect Cena, HHH etc to lose in most of their matches in their long reigns either. It's the ride that has to be the entertainment in my view.

As for the actual question by the TS, I'd say that the best way to spend this time is to build up Punk to work as good as possible after RR if he's to lose the title to Rock. WWE desperately needs it's only really big heel so he needs to keep being a force despite losing.
I never thought Punk would lose the title until he faced Cena @ NOC, then I had some doubts but not many. Same again vs. Ryback @ HIAC and that was purely down to the fact that I wasn't sure how they would book things. That's not even talking about reports etc, that's just my own personal feelings on how things would play out and what I assumed would happen.

Of course the ride has to be the entertainment but I don't think that's something that can be said about Punk's reign tbh. It hasn't been all that special. Bar the great Bryan match at OTL, the rest has been completely forgettable. Combine that with the fact that they've barely treated him like a champion until August and it doesn't exactly make for an entertaining or memorable title reign, at least not to me.
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