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Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Who haven't I owned on this site? CREDMI, Kentonbomb, Mystical, You_heard, Noyk, Bad Blood, Apocolypto, and many more.
I'm not going to bother digging through thousands of quotes it's common knowledge. I was the main player in the bad blood meltdown so much so that he had a meltdown and wanted to fight me and called me out on a youtube video. (see my sig) Everyone who's tangled with me has either been banned, or left the site in a huff.

All bandwagon jumping. You took none of them on by yourself. You wait for the fight to start, then you jump in with a few cheap digs, then wander around thinking you're the big man.

And taking the credit for RevolverSnake's Bad Blood thread is pretty low, even for you.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

Once again this is you turning on me. The best you could manage was saying that me and RS were sucking each other off and repeating slurp slurp over and over. Even Apocalypto was capable of better offence than that. And then you come to the jobbers thread to try and start shit: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...l#post12277867
It was a fucking joke. RS, me and Andre laughed about it. That's not turning on you, you pouting, duckfaced wannabe.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

So here you say that you're not going to post the screenshot and pm for details yet later on you post:

Changed your tune?

Me posting the screenshot before you even had a chance to. After which noone even cared because it's nothing that I haven't said a million times before.
I didn't post the screenshot because I was on your side at the time. At that time I didn't realise how much I had your knickers in a twist by telling you to stop sucking off RS. I posted it today because someone asked for it.

You act like the leader of the jobbers and then you piss on them behind their backs to the older members because you know what they think of that thread. You're two-faced, Bully.

At least you have enough pout for both of them.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

Proof that there was nothing in that froot garbage.

Here's you trying to suck up to me after I owned you in the jobbers thread:
That's not sucking up, you numpty. That was genuine surprise at the way you acted like a fucking tool last night. We've been pals since the beginning and you could barely go five posts without sucking up to me and declaring me the GOAT.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

As I've said I used to think you were a good poster, although a bit annoying with that saviour crap. Going after me was a bad idea. Even if you were drunk that's no excuse. And has really backfired on you. You achieved nothing but making yourself look like an ass. My respect levels for you have plummeted. Just like they did with Noyk/mystical etc.I just hope that you learn from your mistakes and can come back from this.
You know better than anyone that the saviour thing is a fucking joke. Always has been.

And I didn't 'go after you', so stop crying. I had a joke which you didn't want to accept as a joke because your jimmies were going crazy.

You've got absolutely nothing on me, Bully. You're not even close, kid.

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