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Re: Where does CM Punk go now?

They are, but, really, does it matter? Most of the B PPV's he's defended on were just gonna do the number that show was gonna do regardless of what they did, because it never really changes that much and the big PPV's have something else selling it (bar I guess this one, but even this one has Cena in it). In the end, devaluing his "tune up" defenses before Rock doesn't really impact the numbers that much, and I think you get more out of it by announcing Rock vs Punk 6 months in advance because if you build a big match, the more you build, the better it does, and with Rock you REALLY need a long build because he's never there. That's one reason why Survivor Series last year didn't do that great, because they didn't spend a long time building up Rock's return. This Rumble is probably going to be the highest bought Rumble since the Attitude Era purely based on the 6 month prior announcement.

BTW, you gotta tell me which entrance on WWE '13 you got the Triple H shovel gif from. That's just hilarious.

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