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Who haven't I owned on this site? CREDMI, Kentonbomb, Mystical, You_heard, Noyk, Bad Blood, Apocolypto, and many more.
I'm not going to bother digging through thousands of quotes it's common knowledge. I was the main player in the bad blood meltdown so much so that he had a meltdown and wanted to fight me and called me out on a youtube video. (see my sig) Everyone who's tangled with me has either been banned, or left the site in a huff.
Here's someone who came straight to rants and tried to take me on (admitting im the best before I took a piss on his face)

Originally Posted by Thecreepygeek View Post
My name is Mark. You paranoid, deluded tool.

I just said I'm the best ever on many sites.

After I own bully, soon, I'll have owned the best of this site.
Once again this is you turning on me. The best you could manage was saying that me and RS were sucking each other off and repeating slurp slurp over and over. Even Apocalypto was capable of better offence than that. And then you come to the jobbers thread to try and start shit: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...l#post12277867

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
@RS There is when you try and pretend your online persona is one of the characters from the show.

Also, Froot just tried to betray Bully and humiliate him. PM me for further details.

Froot, have you not noticed that I don't interact with you very much?

Did you also not notice that me and Bully tend to get on quite well?

And you pull that shit?

Pray he doesn't PM me for more details. He's the only one who will get them, I promise you that.

But let's just say this, I'm glad you're not my friend.
So here you say that you're not going to post the screenshot and pm for details yet later on you post:

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
That's cool.

Any time I need the jobbers to turn on Bully, I have the screenshot of him pissing on them.

On you. On all of you.

Yeah, nice one Bully. What a leader you are.
Changed your tune?

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
You mean this screenshot?
Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I already posted that screenshot Anark, so you have nothing against me. It's no secret that this thread was originally created to contain the shit posters and create a safe haven for the 11/12ers to post in.

Lay off the turps.
Me posting the screenshot before you even had a chance to. After which noone even cared because it's nothing that I haven't said a million times before.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Says the attention seeker who has to enter the jobber wankers thread to get attention.

And I'll have you know I'm as pissed as a stick.
Here you try to tell cat she's an attention seeker by posting in the thread.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Nice theory except you have posted in this thread more than she has. The only person doing all the attention seeking right now is you.

Me proving you wrong

Originally Posted by Keyser Söze View Post
"Issues" with BULLY have been shoved aside Anark.

Would thou like to make piece through hugs? <:3

Originally Posted by Keyser Söze View Post
I truly cannot comprehend what went wrong given that there's four threads this spread across, so I will answer your question with simply:

It was a very shoddy heel turn.
Proof that there was nothing in that froot garbage.

Here's you trying to suck up to me after I owned you in the jobbers thread:
Originally Posted by Anark
Just wondering if your recent dislike for me is for real in PM as well in the threads, as I was under the impression we were good pals on here, despite any disagreements.

Just interested, 'tis all.

As I've said I used to think you were a good poster, although a bit annoying with that saviour crap. Going after me was a bad idea. Even if you were drunk that's no excuse. And has really backfired on you. You achieved nothing but making yourself look like an ass. My respect levels for you have plummeted. Just like they did with Noyk/mystical etc.I just hope that you learn from your mistakes and can come back from this.

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