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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by Gunner14 View Post
So here we have it ladies and gentleman.. The match you were ALL waiting for.

Gunner14 and X-Bailey ready to rid the Forum Championship of this poison. The music plays out come Modern Myth and and the wheelchair bound el Dandy. Wait a second. Is El-Dandy the 3rd man??? Was it all a ruse..

Modern Myth enters the cage locking the door behind him. 'I dont need a partner to take you two out' He looks up at proc and winks. 'My partner is watching carefully'.

X-Bailey and Gunner14 have a short discussion that see's Gunner14 sit on the turnbuckle out of the way leaving X-Bailey and Modern Myth to steal the show with a battle for all the ages (15-15 score) El Dandy wheels round to Gunner14 he's goading him... wait a second whats this. El-Dandy passes Gunner14 a weapon..


X-Bailey holds Modern Myth up. HIT HIm... Hit HIM... end this all right now. Gunner14 comes forward....

He swings the pipe and


X-Bailey is down X-Bailey is down.

GUNNER14 IS THE 3RD MAN..... My god you son of a bitch what the hell hhave you done.

Gunner14 laying into X-Bailey on the deck. Modern Myth and Gunner14 going to town on X-Bailey They look in perfect tandem hitting all the classic tag team moves Hart Attack... Doomsday Device... 3D. X -Bailey is being thrown around like a rag doll.

will there be anything left of X-Bailey after this..

Gunner14 gets on the mic...

Like i said you people seem to have forgotten just who i am.... Now alongside the two greatest superstars the wrestling forum has ever seen PROC..... Im coming for you..

ModernMyth(15)+ Gunner14(14) 29 beat 15 X-Bailey (15)

New_guy's music hits... he is followed by RKO.net, Gimmicky and AirinTrouble619, they came with bats, chairs and sledgehammers OH MY... THEY'RE RUSHING THE RING, THEY'VE SURROUNDED THE RING, THEY'RE IN THE RING ... they're beating the living hell out of Modern_Myth and Gunner14... Dandy shits himself ... New_guy rolls dandy down to RKO.Peep who's ready with a bat and hits one hell of a home run... OH MY GAWD.. THE HUMANITY

New_guy grabs a mic...

Now New_guy called you all out before the PPV, he knew Gunner was your third man and he knew you weren't man enough to face the new stars of this company... but threw the gauntlet down and as expected your crew bitched out.

New_guy knew you would pull this cowardly...uh uhm, bitch move so he and his team waited and gave you, that's right Gunner14, you the chance to do the right thing, but hey.. we all see how that went.

Welcome back gentlemen, hope you enjoyed the taste of your teeth washed down with a bit of blood. New_guy did say he was gonna be at the main event of SS, he did say he'd kick all your candy asses... NEW_GUY CLEARLY DELIVERS

Anyway New_guy's got to go the smell of shit and blood is just not that appealing. He can't believe you're all lying around in that, someone grab X-Bailey he shouldn't be lying in that either.

RKO.Peep grabs X-Bailey and carries him down the ramp...

show closes

1x - WFC Tag Team Champion w/ Age_of_Kings(New_Age_Kings)
1x - WFC Tag Team Champion w/ Airtroublein619(New_Trouble)

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