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Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I find it hilarious that you claim I think I'm the forum big man, when you keep saying you're the saviour of rants and other garbage. Unless of course, you're talking about my muscles.
It's always been a joke, this has been stated many, many times. We have even joked about it ourselves.

You loved the Autumn of Bully stuff as well, back when you knew how to take a joke.

Well, winter's coming and it's blowing a cold wind through your jimmies.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
As for that screenshot that froot sent you, I already posted that screenie in the thread and I've said on numerous occasions that thread was created to keep the shit posters in one spot and also to be a safe haven for the newer posters to post in without being "bullied" I also took the opportunity to make them better posters, you_heard and Dunk being two good examples. No new information there. And you are still posting it like it's some top secret information lol
Pay attention, fool. The screenshot was requested. Making shit up again, huh. Nice try.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Everytime you've come at me, I've owned you, you tried in mafia claiming I was inactive showed you up there. Then you turn on me last night, I own you, you come to the jobbers thread and try to turn the posters in there against me and that didn't work.
You still don't understand mafia yet, despite me explaining it in detail to you when you came begging for my help. Mafia is mafia. And if you go read our exchange, you'll note there was no owning. It's how the game works, you wally.

Show everybody where I went into the jobbers thread and tried to turn everyone against you. I fought back after you turned on me, chumped you out like a bitch in fact.

I backed you up. Froot tried to get me to expose you and I backed you the fuck up. But you had other things in mind, didn't you? You got a whiff of vag and off you went singing merry little songs to yourself and ignoring the reality of your emasculation.

You've never owned me, Bully. We've never even clashed before last night. More nonsense because you have no facts to back your shit up. You're a bandwoganer of the highest degree. Show us one person you have 'owned' that you did all by yourself. Just one.

Didn't dare take me on on your own either, I note. Keep hiding behind Cat. At least she's got game.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I don't even give a fuck if you were drunk or not, if that's the way you act on the turps, it's time to take a long hard look at yourself and go to rehab. You just come across as one of those angry, bitter drunks.
I'm a happy, singing and dancing drunk, I'll have you know.

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