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Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
That was in the past. You've also listed cat and myself as your favourite posters in the past so that holds as much water as a thimble. You've gradually revealed yourself to be a an arrogant, delusional, hypocritical, pathetic cunt, who is jealous of other better posters standings in the forum. You try to turn on me you fail. you come into the jobbers thread and as you can't take me on your own, try to turn the others against me like a coward and fail again. Get owned. Now you're trying to "feud" with CAT. Coincidence? I think not. You're obviously just trying to get yourself over and get attention, the trouble is your little plan backfired on you and instead of being "the saviour of rants" or any of that other rubbish, you'll simply be known as

I didn’t try and turn anyone against you. I made it very clear that last night I was out for a bit of fun, made one joke about you and RS sucking each other off, it turned out to be AndreBaker and laughed about it. You have posted that quote several times as ‘proof’ that I turned on you.

I then got as PM from Froot giving me a screenshot of chatbox where you say the jobbers are shit posters, and he encourages me to cause trouble with it. I chose not to, instead think Froot was a bit of a cunt for doing that.

Didn’t realise your bollocks were so little, Bully. RS and Andre saw the joke, but you can’t because you’re genuinely obsessed with thinking of yourself as some sort of forum big man. Trying to make out like I turned on you is pathetic. Someone tried to get me to turn on you and I didn’t, I turned on them instead.

I don’t expect you to get your facts straight, as your version of dealing with someone on this forum is to wait until me, Cat or Sexy Mav deals with them, then jump in and pretend it was a tag team effort.

You’ve got nothing, Bulls. Never did.

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
Honestly laughing at his constant straw grasping.

The best he can come up with is him trying to get me over? lol, seriously? I don't need to 'get over'. I am pretty sure I am already above and beyond any level he could even dream to reach.

His thread sucks, he can't even make a full post against me without adding things that have nothing to do with the topic at hand because he doesn't have the ammo. At least my rant had quotes and direct responses to shit that was actually relevant, not some random topics that have nothing to do with why the thread was made. His is just his hand scraping the bottom of a barrel full of his own shit to try to find a diamond and he can't come up with one so he resorts to the old 'u post so many picturez' comment when I have 3 pictures up and he has 2, LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Yeah, I’ve noticed this from you before. You just make stuff up and repeat it constantly again and again. You’re a fiction writer.

In the OP you made so many embarrassing errors, talking about Evo’s thread and basing your entire rant around something you didn’t even understand. You’re ranting about something that happened ages ago, but in your responses you’re having a go at me for bringing up shit from ages ago.

Does this even make sense in your head? You’ve only got lies, bullshit and constant contradiction.

I expected better from you. Keep sticking your fingers in your ears though. Keep singing lalalalalalalalala as loud as you can.

Keep pretending you owned me when you can’t even put Kobra860 to bed.

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