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Re: WF MAFIA (Day 5)

It is day 6

11 players remain: Rush, Big Man, Anark, Hank Scorpio, BULLY, Faraday, IMP, Skyfall, Scrilla, Doc, dan the marino.

6 votes are needed for a conviction.

6 votes for Anark (Rush, BULLY, Faraday, Scrilla, IMP)

1 vote for BULLY (dan the marino)
1 vote for Faraday (Big Man)

4 players have not voted: Anark, Hank Scorpio, Skyfall, Doc.

Anark got lynched and stuff, he was:

Spoiler for Anark:
3 shot BG- Anark
You try your best to protect townies getting lynched when you can, but usually have limited success as you arenít known to be as good as other players and therefore donít have as much say as others. However in this game you will be able to protect a player during each night phase, although you only have three shots so use them wisely.

With nobody around now to stop them, the remaining 5 mafia brutally killed the townies left:

Spoiler for Town:
VT- Big Man
Youíre always saying all these reads you got, and you do get some right most of the time, but you never do anything about it or push any of them nor do you make a case to reason out why you think these people are scum. Instead you usually just say and doing afterwards and accomplish nothing. This makes you a vanilla townie, you have no night action but can scumhunt and vote.

VT- Stone Cold 4 Life

Once a regular in the mafia section you slowly stopped playing and then disappeared for a while. This time off has likely caused your scumhunting skills and general mafia skills to gradually become worse. Maybe you can prove me wrong in this game? This makes you a vanilla townie, you may still vote and scumhunt, but you have no night action.

2 shot jailkeeper- Bully

Youíre new to mafia and so umm yeah, youíre the jailkeeper. You have 2 shots to use during any night phase you wish. A jailkeeper blocks a personís role but also protects that person for the night. Good luck.

Town, Fruit Vendor- Skyfall
When you first starting playing I thought you were a fruit(......) and you still come as a fruit(once again, ......) so youíre the fruit vendor. You can distribute an apple, banana, cherry, and pear throughout the game. They may or may not do anything.

Manipulator- Dan
Dan you have proven yourself as a good-great player in your mafia career, although everyone doesnít seem to realize this as you arenít as much of a BIG NAME and because of this people donít always listen to you when they should. Well now the big time decision lies in your hand, you can change the lynch target to another person and that person will die instead of the person who was lynched. This role mus be sent in before the lynch has been achieved(the person who is getting lynched doesnít matter, as long as you send in the name you want dead instead the lynch will be switched).

The winning scumteam did a merry dance to celebrate their win:

Busdriver- RUSH
Throughout your mafia ďcareerĒ you have shown the ability to manipulate players effortlessly. Whether it is as mafia or town, youíre able to get people to change their minds and cause them to do things that they wouldnít have done without your influence. This makes you the busdriver, you know how the role works.

Mafia JOAT(BG, Rolecop, silencer, role thief)- faraday
After years after experience there is nothing you canít do in mafia and with everyone in the section following your every word there is quite frankly no one that can stop you either. Because of this youíre the JOAT, you have four different one shot abilities that youíre allowed to use on separate nights; these abilities are 1 shot body guard, 1 shot silencer, 1 shot role thief, and 1 shot rolecop. The one shot role thief will allow you steal a personís role and then use it the next day. You may not steal a role from your own team.

Role Remover- IMPULSE

Youíre the role remover because you remove yourself from games by quitting or just fucking off somewhere until end game. Yeah, essentially youíre a ......, which is why youíre able to permanently remove someoneís role.

double voter- Revolver Snake
Youíre new to this game but youíre voting power will be double of that of other players. You are the double voter, youíre vote counts as town.

Watcher- Docblue

Youíve watched and learned from the best and now youíre one of the better players in the section. After closely seeing how others, such as shepard player, youíve learned to mimick their style and adapt it to your own. This makes you the watcher; you may watch a player each night and see which players visited the player.

http://www.quicktopic.com/48/H/kPd8mQUr6ThVc- dead qt

lazy endpost is lazy, i just got up and im RUSHing, ill put some thoughts later i guess

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