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Re: Official 11/19 Raw Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
C'mon, folks. Let's please not spoil this quality goodness with kneejerk hair-trigger talk of the "dawning of a new era" again.
I was simply just responding to the post that WWE.com had about the montreal screwjob (which ultimately dawned in the Attitude Era)
No, I'm not a crazy one who thinks there needs to be a new AE or that we're about to enter one.
We're not in that time, and I don't want to go back to that time. I want it to be 2013 and fresh.
And with that I want an edgier product, not katie vick edgy but passionate type of edgy where people are pissed and have a REASON to be and want to fight instead of "you have belt I want" or "You bad, I good, let's fight".
I want true distinct characters, and I want things to have meaning again
(yes, even in a fictional world, just like a movie) so I can care about it!
I do believe however that with the start of the new year, the new debuts, Linda losing, the results of SS, and everything, that we are at a turning point. A very important turning point for WWE.

"....or...you can just call me the soon to be crowned KING of this company!
DEAN AMBROSE is taking over the world! As of right now forget what you think you know about this industry,
because Dean Ambrose is about to blow the DOORS. OFF. EVERYTHING! SO WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!!"

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