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Re: Rate Survivor Series from 1-10

Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
It's pointless arguing about Barrett's future for the 8000th time, lets just wait and see. I'm confident he'll win the World Heavyweight Championship at some point, clearly you think differently. You do have a point, don't get me wrong, but Vince has given CHRISTIAN the big gold, and the hatred he has for him seems downright personal.
But that's Vince just hating one guy, not an entire country. This is a vendetta he has against an entire race of people, he's not going to strap one of them with a major belt in his company. And besides, we both know what it took for Christian to even be in the same room with the World Heavyweight Championship, that type of random, extraordinary luck just doesn't happen often, and Barrett doesn't even have the advantage of being best friends with a bonafide main eventer that he can leech a minor bit of success off of if they have a career ending injury, and really, it's not good enough. Barrett should end his career a 7 or 8 time world champion, not a guy who got ONE world title reign at the very end of his career, don't treat him the way they treat the black guys, he's too great of a talent for that. He should have the same impact on this generation that Triple H did on the last one, and he would if he was born somewhere that Vince approved of. I guarantee he'd have at least 3 world titles right now if he were an American, I GUARANTEE it.

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