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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I WOULD do a first take on tonight's Survivor Series PPV , but I felt the show was just so lackluster and uninspired that I don't feel like it. FUCK IT. Show-Sheamus was fucking great but not as good as the HIAC encounter as all , while Ryback needs to be out of main event matches like NOW. He's fucking garbage and if I have to see him main event any more PPV's you might just see me pull an Austin101 on here. I'm gonna go ahead and say that he's on BARRETT-MIZ BAD main event level matches.

Why stick Punk with him ? We're CLEARLY on cruise control with Punk until the Rumble, so why not give us a damn good match here or something with Punk-Cena again , or FUCK even a Punk-Orton match or some shit... Don't you think THAT would be good ? Ryback is TRASH.

Another thing that REALLY pissed me off ; WHY... WHY in the name of fuck is Daniel Bryan being treated like a second banana to DEL RIO of all people ? Bryan is easily one of the most over performers in the company right now and you've honestly just had him tap out with ease to the individual who has been more force fed to the audience than any other performer in HISTORY. Seriously, Del Rio sucks too.

The GOOD news : We're more than likely getting a Sheamus-Show chairs match at TLC that should be fucking awesome, and we're more than likely getting an Orton heel turn soon, probably leading to a Sheamus-Orton match at Wrestlemania. TLC better feature Cena-Punk or Punk-??? WITHOUT Ryback. FUCK.

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