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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jack Evans 187 View Post
So am I the only one that adores Rock vs. Jericho from No Mercy '01? That's my #1 Rock match for sure and pretty high up there for Jericho too, a pretty high end **** 1/2 in my eyes.
Nah it's awesome. One of the Rock's best performances and matches ever. One of Jericho's best matches as well.

-The Mysterios v Those Other Guys: Um...this happened. Wasn't good. I remember....something. Not worth a shit w/e.
-Diva's Title: This was great. Gave me time to get some fruit for lunch. The match was also ****1/2 and a MOTYC.
-US Title: Fine match with a really nasty uppercut thing from Cesaro. That should definitely be his finisher.
-Vickie/AJ segment: This was as bad as anything I've seen in a long time. Is Gewirtz back?
-Show/Sheamus: I seemed to be one of the only people that thought their match at HIAC would be MOTN before it happened. Didn't change my tune for this show. Definite MOTN; these two have a really good quasi-formula worked out. Some of the fat could be trimmed since Show's controlling goes a little long and gets a little tedious, but the heavyweight slugging and big moves stuff is great. Finish was bullshit. They're out of ideas.
-Team Foley v Team Zigg: This was OK. Bryan's been shafted since the anger management stuff. It's like he doesn't stick out from the pack any more. The Miz looked stupid. Final moments were weird. TURN ZIGGLER. I loved the "I hate you" segment earlier on.
-WWE Title 3-way: This fuckin' stunk. A lot of the time they were pretty much epitomizing "I roll out the ring you come in". Ryback is a god awful bald piece of useless shit. I remember weeks ago there a Goldberg v Ryback thread and people were saying crap like 'Goldberg is better at squashes but Ryback is better at actual matches'. Obviously talking out of their arses and I wonder if they've changed opinions after his two terrible performances in the main event of back to back PPVs. Pops up after big moves and nothing he does looks good. Yuck. Another weird finish, but this at least could lead to something. CM Punk leading a bunch of FCW followers would be cool.

Grumpy verdict: BAD SHOW.

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