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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Judgment Day 2005:

MNM vs Hardcore Holly/Charlie Haas - **1/2
- The latter has to be one of the most random tag teams ever. This is just your typical, generic obligatory tag team title defense on PPV but it's not bad neither good, just okay.

Carlito vs Big Show - **
- Way too short and the only highlight is Matt Morgan giving Big Show the F5.

Paul London vs Chavo Guerrero - ***
- A decent match between two good cruiserweights. They get 10 minutes and make the most of it. And wow @ London. He takes some reckless bumps but still goes on, that's awesome!

Booker T vs Kurt Angle - **3/4
- Stupid feud although a bit funny with Angle bringing out his comedic best. The match itself is nothing special just decent but I simply couldn't get into the story because it's damn stupid. It started off with a chair-shot then suddenly Angle turns the attention to Booker's wife and talks about beastiality sex, lol. About time Booker also gets to win a match that matters.

Orlando Jordan vs Heidenreich - *
- Total shit and Heidenreich's "are you my friend?" shtick is even worse than Eugene and also a rehash to an extent. They should have gotten rid of him at this point already since he brings nothing to the table.

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - ****
- Much better than their Wrestlemania 21 match but that's also because of a better story. Eddie is now the sadistic heel who's only concern is beating the hell out of Rey while Rey is the underdog that refuses to lose. They go for almost 20 minutes and it's a great match while it lasts from the storytelling to the wrestling itself. I found Chavo's interference unnecessary but the DQ finish was in-line with Eddie's will to just physically destroy Rey. One thing I found funny was when Eddie threw Rey in the ring early in the match then out again to break the count, Tazz & Cole even pointed it out. Now I'm just waiting for their 23/6 match which should be a classic.

John Cena vs JBL - ****1/2
- Now this is more like it! After that underwhelming Wrestlemania match, here we are in an "I Quit" match between these two and simply put, it's a bloody battle. They explore all the options they are given from going to the top of that huge truck to using the limo door, to going through glass and announcer tables. Both men also bleed buckets. One of the best Cena matches ever and the one that "made" him into a permanent main eventer and a force to be reckoned with.

Overall: **3/4 out of ***** (Save for the two 5 minute matches with the lowest ratings, this PPV just gets better as it goes on with two amazing main event matches and some enjoyable stuff on the undercard. I'd say it's worth it just for the last two matches, though. Also why the hell is The Undertaker inactive at this point? He's just disappeared since WM21 and I assume he returns when Orton moves over to Smackdown. Otherwise, I have to say it's a pleasant surprise that the SD exclusive PPVs are doing so much better in 05 compared to 04 where they were terrible almost start to finish.)
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