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Re: America vs Europe/Rest of the World

Originally Posted by WWF View Post
Baseball is huge in Asia, South America and the Dominican Republic. Basketball is also a very popular sport in China, South America and European countries such as Spain/Lithuania/Italy/etc. Hockey is obviously a tremendous part of Canadian culture, but I'm not well versed in the sport, so I'm not aware of it's international appeal. You saying that they're not played internationally at a high level is an ignorant statement. We may not have any sports that appeal to the masses as much as Soccer, but judging by what you said about international participation in Cricket and Rugby, Basketball and Baseball are easily on the same level as them, if not above. Again, I've got no clue on Hockey, but it has to have internatioal appeal, considering all of the foreign players in the NHL.
Yeah they are played at a high level, I meant on the big scale that cricket & rugby world cups are. I don't doubt the basketball & baseball are popular but they don't have professionals playing in reputable & traditional competitions world & continent wide like cricket & rugby. Do basketball & baseball have major world national competitions? If they do they're certainly not on the same scale. Simply because those sports aren't as popular in those countries as others.

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
They are also older sports, and require less equipment, thus, less money. Many countries cannot afford American Football equipment. Same goes for hockey, and additionally not everyone has access to ice in order to play hockey.

Soccer football requires nothing more than a ball. Same goes for Rugby.

No, and I gave some reasons for that. The rest of the world can afford to play soccer. Most of them cannot afford all the required equipment for American Football. That's a major, major, reason. So I guess European Sports are cheaper to play, thus, better? Hockey is actually played by many countries throughout the world. The simple problem is that many countries such as all of Africa, South America, and many places in Asia, have warmer climates. Hockey is not terribly viable, and like football, the sport is rather expensive to get equipment and facilities for to play in.

American Football is the greatest sport on the planet IMO. I think if the rest of the world had A) the money to finance it, B) Their populations had access to sufficient equipment to work out & bulk up to be efficient at the sport that you might see a new favorite sport of the world.

American soccer/world football might be the most played, but I do not think it is the best.
Yeah, no one outside of America can afford helmets & pads etc. Do you seriously believe that? Do you have any idea how much money goes into sport in this country at professional & grass root level? Parents also spend a lot on their kids too for them to be involved with their kit & equipment.

Football requires other equipment other than a ball ffs, as do other sports. We don't magic posts etc from thin air. To say that money is the reason American Football may become the most popular sport in the world is just ridiculous but not surprising since it's your clear opinion as stated it's the best sport in the world. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, of course they are.

The facts don't lie however. The rest of the world disagrees. I just didn't know it was because only America is able to afford the equipment to play it.
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