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I've always thought Anark was a good poster, especially outside of rants. This recent development is just odd, almost like he had a meltdown. Rants is a pit, spending too much time in here has claimed many people, Baker's is in a padded cell FFS. Think of all those that passed through here and went fucking mad and that's just in the short time I've been here. I can't even imagine how many poor souls the veterans have seen crushed. Like Baker said, he's not a 'shit' poster.

Maybe he took some bad Meow Meow and took it out on Cat and anyone close to her.

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This thread needs an Andy3000 post. Please make it happen God.
I second this.

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It's a definite yes, the smileys are just my emotional state over the whole Pogs streak, it's taking a while to get used to life outside of this padded cell.

I had a Slammer that was part metal, part rubber and smelled like Bubble Gum, how bad ass was I?

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