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Go suck a dick, bitch.
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Oh, wait, no, you shouldn't, because he is the piece of dog shit on the grass you just walk by and don't give a second thought to.

Once upon a time, Anark was an absolute nobody. No one knew his posts. No one knew he even existed. Then, one day, he decided to post in rants.

It wasn't long before someone made a poll about him.


Just note that it is a mod who made it, which really speaks volumes. I am certain a few mods would like to put a spiked boot to my face, and, I have had a few rants against me, far less, and horrible, than I would have imagined, but, I have never had a fucking poll like this against me from a mod. It doesn't take much to realize that this means you really, really fucking suck balls when a mod goes out of their way to call out a member because the mods very rarely make rants, let alone one to call out a particular member of the forum.

For the record, I didn't think at that time he really ruined rants, mostly because I hadn't seen much of his work, because, you know, that whole 'outside in the summer' thing, so I kinda just walked in on that poll and had only known a few of his posts, so there were definitely a lot worse ranters at the time. I responded to him once in a dickheaded way. Don't even think he responded to it, though he may have, but, anyway, I wouldn't doubt that the people who thought he was a good poster in that thread are now tired of his overdone I AM SCARY AND BETTER THAN YOU ALL bullshit.

Now let us get to some of his posts, shall we?

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
The Summer of Anark happened because nobody else stepped up. I didn’t invent it, it was invented by better members than me or you. So many fucking chumps whinge and whine about how shite Rants is but none of them step the fuck up. I stepped the fuck up.

And a Saviour was born. If you have a problem with that, speak to Jupes.

Too many times I see twats and chumps posting shite like ‘0/10’ or ‘shit rant’ or they don’t even bother commenting on the actual rant subject, they just activate ‘complain like an old woman mode’ and post some shite that is even less worthy than the shit rant itself.

Don’t let the glory of your wonderful JTMartin/NoyK love story go to your head. It was glorious, but it didn’t save Rants from the autumn of bewilderment.

I am fully aware that the saviour thing is a joke. If you check my posts beyond Rants you will note that this is the truth.

But Rants needs something right now. It needs something to kick back against. I will provide that something. I will give you the oppressive cunt you need to rebel against. So come at me.

Come at me and I will save you.

Oh man, save me? From what? People who might actually make posts that don't revolve around them sucking their own dicks because no one else will?

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Nah, she's for real. I talked to her on Skype and saw her on webcam.
Weird because you weren't even here when that shit went down...or were you? Either you have jumped on the rejoinermobile or you just saw it somewhere and decided to post about it to fit in and 'be funny' when you weren't even here when it happened....because nothing says LULZ like joking about something you weren't even around for, amirite?

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
You haven't been paying attention, have you? You can't rustle the jimmies of someone who's jimmies are in a state of perpetual rustlement.

You poked your head into Rants, chucked it about like you are one of the 'old school' well-known members, you got called out on it, then backed up like a bitch with the shits because you don't have what it takes to run with me in Rants.

You then tried to associate yourself with Scrilla, even linking his thread and saying you were trolling like him. That shit's just old now.

Pretty pathetic.


Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Bollocks. Feed the trolls.

Fatten them up for me.
Of course, because you couldn't go up against fresh trolls, they may embarrass you, so you have to go after the tired, useless slobs who can hardly think just so you can 'own' them with ease.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
For my sake? Whatcha gonna do, tough guy? One of your limp-wristed little slaps gonna come flying out of my screen?

I have a better idea for you; instead of faux-threatening people who own the shit out of you on forums, find a mirror and go look in it.

See that chump in there? Good. Now headbutt him as hard as you can.

Said the tough guy who 'faux-threatens' people online. BACK OFF, DUDE, I AM TOTALLY SHAKING~~~~

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
You should definitely do one for the Summer Saviour of Rants. :hoff
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Wild? Nah, I'm just having a stretch.

Wanna spar a few rounds?

Don't worry, I've probably forgotten all those times I owned your Omar-thieving ass during the Summer of Anark before the Autumn of Bully came to re-educate you.
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
You need to remember back to when you stepped into Rants and I chumped you out during the tailend of the Summer of Anark. Remember when I exposed you for not being an actual street hood gangsta but actually just being a fan of The Wire TV show. You're going to pretend that didn't happen.

You kept your head down for a good while after that, right up until Bully offered you a chance at redemption with the Jobbers re-education program.
Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Yeah, that's what you said during my summer.

Change the record.
Just a few of the 300 posts where he gloats about a 'summer of Anark'. It's okay, man, I already told you, the rest of us normal ranters were busy out in the hot sun, so you were left alone in rants to take out the other Twilight looking fuckers who hid from the beating sunshine and blue skies.

The difference between you and I is that I have no problem saying my shit is weak. I don't do anything to impress anyone, and I obviously don't give a shit what they think because I would have changed by now. You, you are just fucking pathetic and think everyone here needs a diaper whenever they see your name. Pretending it's a joke and blaming Jupes is just a lame cover up. Jupes made a joke, you took it, let it get to your head, and use it as fear inducing to other members, only even the dumbest motherfucker sees right through that shit.

Get over yourself, man, no one is scared of you, and the people who are still posting freely in rants aren't doing it 'because you let them live', they are doing it because you don't fucking phase anyone like you think you do. We laugh at your egotistical posts and move on with our day while you live in an imaginary world where you think the mere mention of your name makes people scatter and hide.

Fuck you, and fuck the try hard, non-intimidating, non-original horse you rode in on, bitch. You didn't save rants, you will never save rants, and it's time the people of WF let you know how fucking tiresome and worthless your existence really is.

This isn't to get ratings, this isn't to save some fucking shit section of a forum, it's to finally let you know how goddamn garbage you are and that your gimmick/irl persona is a joke.

Either you learn from this and become a better member or you continue to be a loser who thinks he is a somebody in a rants section teaching people how to 'win the internet'.

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