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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Bagwell. View Post
Question: Was browsing about for a bit and was wondering, has there ever been a truly successful 'partner thread' in these waters? I don't really remember ever coming across one and tbh, I can see why. They aint easy, that's for damn sure.
kane01 and ForeverDelayed are the undisputed tag team champions of that notion.

Originally Posted by Kintaro View Post
Hey guys I may introduce the triple threat/4 way match concept for my thread soon for WrestleMania XI. Iím not sure if ECW created the 3way/4way match concept in 93/94 but they popularized it. Iíd like to know what was the first 3 way/triangle and 4 way match in WCW? I think the first 3 way match in WCW was at Fall Brawl 94. Is this correct? Sting vs Big Boss Man vs Vader, the match had some weird rules. WCW then did a triangle match at Starrcade 95, Flair vs Sting vs Luger. The WWE started to use the 3 way/4 way match concept in 96/97. The Raw Bowl in January 96 was a 4 way tag match. Then a year later they started using the triple threat match concept. I'd like to introduce a 4 corners tag match in the WWE soon. Then for a future ppv I'll introduce the triple threat match in the WWE. I'd like to know if introducing the 3 way/4 way match concept would be a good fit in 1995? If ECW and WCW can have it so soon then why not the WWE?
Why not? Whatever allows you to properly tell your stories and portray your characters is what's a 'good fit'. If it means putting on mulit-man matches, then there's no reason whatsoever to not do it, regardless of setting.

Originally Posted by Caesar WCWR View Post
So, how would one be invested in a fully created wrestler BTB? How would you guys begin to read one? Need some opinions.
Honestly, one thing I think would be a key variable in that is who is actually writing it. If its a guy as good at what he does as you, Dubya, and has demonstrated his tools, then it would garner much more attention and already have a bigger reader investment than if someone lesser-known/newbie did it. I remember when E-Fed was in this place and one thing people would do would be describe the physical appearance of their wrestler by comparing them to someone that we all are already familiar with, wrestler or otherwise (i.e. "he looks a lot like Jay-Z" and would proceed to post a picture of said person) and I think a good physical description at the outset would go a long ways for people to see your vision and thus want to go along for the ride.

Backstories and gimmicks and all that would be a given, seeing as how we know nothing about these people or anything. Another really good way to get people perhaps invested is do it diary style. I think the best attempt at doing something like this to my knowledge was when Jae Jae took a crack at a created-fed piece that I'm more than sure you're aware of existing seeing as how you were the first to respond to it. But it really got the reader engaged and connected to one, or if you wanted to, several different characters. And since they're completely created and whatnot, that also gives you the ability to mold them anyway you want in and outside the ring, seeing as how both factors play into how people are realistically booked and I think it would be a very unique way to do with that.

Just a few random thoughts on that. Just throwing those against a wall and hoping one of them did something for ya


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