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Just got my first Wrestlemania tickets ever in the mail last night. Totally excited. Wanted to be able to remind myself of the awesomeness to come for the next 5 months so I decided to put my tickets in a small frame lying around my room. It looks awesome and every morning it will allow me to think of how effin sick its goona be for all of us.

We definitely should set up a way for all of us to meet and chill out before going to our seats. I found a spreadsheet made by some fans on another website that allows for us all to put down were we are sitting and whatnot which is pretty cool. I will post the link. so far there is only like 6 names but by putting it on this forum I think we can get a huge number of people joining in.

]h ttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArBjH3ggdUbwdDRtcVpOQlNNdTRMY1lSWUlJR29xS2c#gid=0[/url]

Since it was my first post I was not allowed to submit a link, so I separated the h in the front from the rest of the link. Just copy and paste and add an h to the front and it should all work the same.

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