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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
RE: the bolded parts. I thought it was a ring Rick found, but don't actually remember looking that hard. I think I just assumed and that was that.

Also what did Greg Nicotero say that cleared it up? If it's out there and is in direct relation to the episodes that have already aired, then it's not a spoiler.

Greg Nicotero on what happened to Lori's body...

"The idea is supposed to be the walker has dragged her around the corner of the boiler room. There's a blood trail that continues past the walker, at that point when it's sort of engorged itself -- as disgusting as it is. When you first see the walker you see its distended belly and we wanted it to give a little callback to Lori, even though we clearly know that Lori's not pregnant anymore. We added bits of hair in its mouth and hand when it reaches up towards Rick. We wanted to show that this thing had feasted on her, as horrible as it is.

"It's sort of a callback even to episode 1 in Season 2 when they're going to do an autopsy on the walker to see if it had eaten Sophia and they find the woodchuck. So when Rick gets down and pulls the blade out there's that moment when you think "Oh God he's gonna cut it open because he just needs to see..." It's like a horrible, sick connection. [Rick] walks into the room, he sees [Lori's] clothes on the ground and he picks up the bullet that Carl shot at her. It's really the beginning of his descent into madness. He never had a goodbye with her, never had any resolution. Going into the deepest depths of the prison, that's a really horrible way for him to have a last connection with her."

But the audience doesn't see Lori's remains for a reason...

"We told that story with T-Dog in episode 4 [when the survivors find his half-eaten body] ... You may not believe it but there are a few boundaries here on 'The Walking Dead' that we want to preserve."

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