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Re: ASS CREED III - October 30th, 2012....Bye Ezio :'(

Originally Posted by I Curry I View Post
Jeez. I'm only at 52%. There are a lot of side missions and collectables to do, but none of them really seem worthwhile.

How do Almanacs/Trinkets/Homesteads actually help?
95% now

Homesteads build a small village/community of outcasts with certain helpful professions. (Doctors, Blacksmiths, Miners etc) As you do the missions for them they level up which allows you to get different materials and craft new/better stuff.

After you collect the set of 4 Almanacs you get the recipe to craft one of Benjamin Franklin's inventions.

Trinkets give you missions where you hunt down the treasure of Captain Kidd.

There's also 'Frontiersmen' Missions where you basically debunk Myths around the area.

None really help too much to be honest.. After you do all the Homesteads you can buy the new materials and trade to get profit, but it's not really too necessary.
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