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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Yeah I can't remember exactly if Steamboat was gone for a while, but I recall them selling it like he'd returned, especially with how freaked out Arn was that Steamboat was back. Maybe it was a mini hiatus or maybe as you said this was one of the first prominent matches he'd been in since '89, here's the match anyways:

Steamboat/Rhodes vs Arn/Zbyszko : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4b...2#.UKjTaoYybk8

Dustin Rhodes vs Vader (Saturday Night 11/21/92) : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x97...2#.UKjUd4Yybk8

Dustin Rhodes vs Vader (COTC XXIX 11/16/94) : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3a...2#.UKjUpoYybk8

Had the '94 match as my #30 in WCW history, but truth be told it would be closer to top 10 these days having rewatched it. Just an amazing underdog babyface performance from Rhodes complimented by Vader delivering as the ruthless monster, but with the added benefit of Rhodes being big enough to hurt Vader and them teasing and building to that moment in beautiful fashion.

Assuming I'm not confusing it with another match they had, Malenko/Ultimo really surprised me and ended up making my final list which did shock me considering I don't think much of either guy as a worker. Having just checked it made my #85. Think there were other matches worked closer to my preferred style which is why I kept it that low, because its certainly a good match but given what WCW was putting out from 89-94 in particular most of my list was dominated by those years and the endless tags and singles matches of absolute quality.

Speaking of further underrated tags, Faces of Fear vs Jericho and Eddie from Nitro 2/24/97 is another gem:

Yeah1993 brought it up. Totally forgot about Steamboat's second stint with WWF in the very early 90's. One of those "if you blink, you'll miss it" type affairs. He was scheduled to work at Survivor Series '91, but by the time the event rolled around he was already out. So he showed up in WCW again swiftly.

I'll hit up all those matches tomorrow. Along with the Midnight Express 6 man that I haven't gotten around to. I blame all the mess of WCW goodness I find on dailymotion through recommendation lists.

Ultimo vs Malenko had a few, or maybe a handful, of matches in WCW around the late '96 - early '97 time. That's probably the right match. Especially if the date is next to it on your list. It made it nonetheless. That's

YES. I own that Nitro on DVD so I'm well aware of the awesome presence of the tag. Reminds me of why I enjoyed Faces of Fear as a kid. Especially Haku/Meng. On a WWF MSG show in the 90's there was a Haku vs Davey Smith match that OWNED. Seems to be one of the most noteworthy Haku matches off the top of my head. Plus he had a fun Hogan encounter that's on Hogan's Unreleased Matches set. I liked his style.

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