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Re: WWE 2010

WWE Friday Night SmackDown


Chicago, Illinois

A video package plays highlighting both of last week's main events; first Edge vs Kane, where Chris Jericho screwed Edge out of a title match, and then Jericho vs Undertaker where Edge accidentally cost 'Taker the match with a spear, followed by 'Taker Tombstoning Edge after the match.


A mixed reaction for the Rated-R Superstar, who did not have a good SmackDown last week, after being cost a match against Kane by Chris Jericho last week and then getting Tombstoned by The Undertaker. He does not look happy, and he runs a hand through his hair.

Edge: Well, I… I messed up. Last week I let Chris Jericho get inside my head, and I did something that all of you people should know that I would never do; I helped him retain the World title. (boos) Yeah, I don't blame you guys for booing; I hate myself for it too, but someone who would definitely hate it more is the man who last week I cost the World Heavyweight Championship, The Undertaker. Now if it wasn't for me, that man would be the World Heavyweight Champion right now, and for that 'Taker, I'm sorry.


The man who is the World Heavyweight Champion right now walks out with a smirk on his face after his rival helped him retain the World title last week. The heat is unbelievable for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Edge, I - I coulda sworn I heard my name just then. Could it be that you were talking about when you tried to screw me over last week?

Heat for the hypocrisy of this statement, as Jericho had screwed Edge over in his match with Kane last week.

Chris Jericho: Don't worry, Edge, I'm not here to berate you for trying to cost me my championship, I'm just out here to say one thing... thank you, because now that I have successfully defended my title, I don't have to do it again for another thirty days, so I'll see you next month!


Just as Jericho was about to head backstage, the General Manager of SmackDown danced out to stop him.

Teddy Long: Hold it right 'dere, playa', 'cos you're not goin' anywhere! Now you probably think yo' real smart, after what you pulled when Edge was facing Kane last week? Well, that was just about the dumbest thing you could do, playa', 'cos in tonight's first main event, yo' gonna defend yo' title against the man who beat Edge in the number one contenders match last week, Kane!

Jericho is absolutely livid, as this will be the third time he has to defend his title in the same amount of weeks.

Teddy Long: And Edge, I said first main event 'cos also tonight, yo' gonna face 'da man who you cost the World Heavyweight Championship last week, The Undertaker!

Edge doesn't look too happy either, but he will just have to accept his fate. Teddy dances backstage, and Chris Jericho yells at Edge, saying 'This is all your fault!'


The lights go out, and the crowd is going nuts. When they come back on, Undertaker has both men by the throats, but Jericho kicks him in the gut, forcing him to let go. Jericho bolts out of the ring, but Edge isn't so lucky, and gets hit with a Tombstone. Jericho backs up the ramp, but is blocked off with a huge wall of fire! Jericho is scared to death, and Kane walks straight through the fire, grabs Jericho by the throat, and chokeslams him onto the ramp! The Brothers of Destruction stare down from different sides of the arena before we head to commercial.



Can't Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr. plays through the arena, and the first rank in the NXT competition, Michael Tarver makes his way to the ring to his new music.


Here comes a man who put on a pretty good debut performance last week on Raw, but eventually tapped out to Daniel Bryan's devastating LeBell Lock. Both of these men know that they won't be up for elimination at Extreme Rules, but the winner of this match will face Daniel Bryan on the premiere of Main Event in a rank one vs rank two match-up.

Match 1 - Michael Tarver vs Darren Sanford

... Tarver swings, looking for a Kill Shot, but Sanford ducks outs of the way and runs into the ropes. He springboards off, looking for a back elbow, but Tarver catches him with a German Suplex in midair! Wow! Sanford's head just bounces off the mat, and Tarver taunts the crowd, pumping up his fist for the Kill Shot. He swings at the grounded Sanford, who rolls out the way and under the bottom rope. He pulls himself up onto the apron, and Tarver goes for the Kill Shot for the third time in quick succession, but Sanford ducks and hits Tarver with a shoulder to the midsection. Tarver doubles over, and Sanford jumps for a springboard sunset flip, but Tarver rolls right through and nails a boot to the face of Sanford! Tarver once again pumps up for the Kill Shot, and hits it! The fourth time is a charm, and this has got to be academic.




Winner and still NXT Rank #1 - Michael Tarver

Sanford rolls out of the ring as Tarver punches the air in celebration as Can't Be Touched plays in the background. The music stops abruptly, and Tarver looks confused…


Europe's biggest hit plays throughout the arena to a huge chorus of cheers, as the crowd know that the American Dragon is in town. True to form, Daniel Bryan steps out from backstage just to stare down the man who he will face on the inaugural episode of WWE Main Event with the number one rank on the line! Tarver looks ready for a fight, beckoning for Bryan to come into the ring, but just as he is about to come down the ramp, Bryan is laid out with a Miller's Crossing onto the steel stage! Its Heath Miller, the man who Bryan beat last week on SmackDown! Miller bends over and talks some trash to the floored Bryan, and then turns around straight into a thrust spinebuster from David Otunga! Miller's Extreme Rules opponent lays him out with the move he calls the Verdict! Otunga helps Bryan up, and the two shake hands, cementing Otunga's face turn, which could be short-lived as his career will be on the line in nine days at Extreme Rules. Bryan raises Otunga's arm as Tarver stares furiously at the two men, as his plan has been foiled tonight.

The screen is fully black to start off with...

Voiceover: In the beginning, God created man.

We now see a busy footpath with several people hurrying along...

Voiceover: These amazing creatures were unlike any other seen before.

We see other, small, insignificant beings such as flies and tadpoles...

Voiceover: But most were just ordinary men.

We see a man in his office, frustrated with his work...

Voiceover: Most were just ordinary, but there were some exceptions; extraordinary beings.

We see prominent human beings and achievements, such as Neil Armstrong, Theodore Roosevelt and James Cook…

Voiceover: But God wasn't finished. God then created one phenomenal being.

We see a wrestler hitting several big moves before holding up a championship on a turnbuckle.

Voiceover: God created - AJ Styles!

We can now see Styles' face, and he begins to speak.

AJ Styles: I am the 'Phenomenal' AJ Styles, and in two weeks, I am coming to the WWE.

We now see Heath Miller walking down the backstage corridor holding his back, when an angry Michael Tarver walks up.

Michael Tarver: Hey, what the hell was that out there?! The deal's off!

Heath Miller: What?! I just softened him up for you, now you have to hold up your end of the deal! You have to help me at Extreme Rules!

Michael Tarver: You know what, Heath? After what I just saw out there, you don't even deserve to stay in this company, so if Otunga beats you at Extreme Rules? I say good riddance.

Tarver smirks and turns to walk away, but Miller snaps and lays him out with the Miller's Crossing on the concrete! Miller yells 'I don't need your help anyway!' and storms off as we head back to ringside.


The man who got a small measure of revenge on his former partner, Shad Gaspard last week, JTG comes out to a small pop. He looks over his shoulder for Shad when he's on the stage, but when there's no sign, he makes his way further down to the ring.


The Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov makes his way out here one week after attacking his former partner, Ezekiel Jackson and costing him the match. The fans don't really know whether to cheer or boo Kozlov as he and Jackson were both heels as of last week, but the response is slightly leaning towards boos. In great contrast to his opponent's entrance, Kozlov just walks down to the ring with a frown on his face. He gets down to the ring, and what the hell!?! Ezekiel Jackson slides out from under the ring, and hits Kozlov in the head with a steel chair! He smashes his former partner's head against the steel steps multiple times, before sliding him into the ring so that this match can start.

Match 2 - JTG vs Vladimir Kozlov

Zeke heads back up the ramp as JTG makes the cover...




Shad Gaspard's music plays through the arena, and JTG releases the pin and stares at the entrance way, where Jackson is stood, also looking for a fight should Shad show up. After a moment or two, JTG realizes that Shad isn't there, and turns around... INTO A BEAST FOOT FROM GASPARD HIMSELF! JTG was looking in the wrong place, and he just got his head caved in by Shad's foot! The big man looks down on his former best friend showing no remorse whatsoever, and the ref calls for the bell, naming JTG the winner by disqualification.

Winner - JTG

Jackson storms the ring, but Gaspard flees, leaving Kozlov all alone to contend with an angry Goliath. Jackson sends a recovered Kozlov back down to the mat with the Book of Ezekiel, returning the favor from last week, before helping a grateful JTG to his feet. The two men standing in the ring stare down Gaspard and Kozlov who has now rolled to the outside as we head to the first commercial break of the night.



We head right back to ringside as WWE's newest tag team, Jorge Arias & Donny Marlow come out to a good pop considering they were only introduced last week. Matt Striker informs us that Teddy Long has made Ezekiel Jackson vs Shad Gaspard for next week after the events just before the break. We are also told that Jorge Arias will be making his in-ring debut here tonight with Marlow in his corner.


The team who were attacked by the duo of Arias & Marlow make their way down to the ring, as we are informed that Trent Barreta will be the man to face Arias here tonight.

Match 3 - Jorge Arias w/ Donny Marlow vs Trent Barreta w/ Caylen Croft

... Barreta with the chin lock, and he's not making it easy for Arias on his debut. The Mexican American slowly but surely gets to his feet, and pushes his opponent into the ropes. Barreta bounces off and is caught coming back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Arias slaps the hand of Marlow on the outside, before going for the cover…


No, Barreta kicks out quite easily, and Arias doesn't look at all surprised. Barreta crawls to a corner, but Arias charges and hits him right in the face with a slingshot turnbuckle dropkick a la Jeff Hardy! The crowd are getting pretty pumped up now, as Arias goes up to the top rope, and jumps off looking for the Falling Star… but Barreta gets his knees up! Arias is in agony right now, as he may have just cost himself the match…



No! The crowd gives a huge cheer as Arias gets the shoulder up, and Barreta doesn't know what to do. He charges towards the ropes and bounces off, looking for his signature running knee… but Arias ducks, a quick schoolboy...




Winner - Jorge Arias

He got it! Barreta cannot believe he just got caught like that, and he goes to attack Arias on the top rope, but runs right into a big boot from Marlow! Barreta hits the deck, and rolls out of the ring. Arias is still on the turnbuckle however, and as Barreta stands up, he is caught with a huge crossbody! Croft goes to cheap shot Marlow who is watching with amusement, but he is seen on the TitanTron, so Marlow low bridges the rope, sending Croft up and over into an Arias dropkick! The Dudebusters retreat up the ramp as Arias & Marlow celebrate their maiden victory. We cut backstage to see Tiffany standing by with the new General Manager of NXT, Mick Foley.

Tiffany: Ladies and gentlemen, we had the Hall of Fame ceremony two weeks ago, and I'm standing next to another true legend of this business; a Hardcore Legend to be precise, Mick Foley! Last week, Mick, you were announced as the NXT General Manager. Could you tell us a little more about this competition?

Mick Foley: Sure thing, Tiff. As you already know, we have eight rookies who have wrestled all around the world. Two of these rookies will be gone after Judgment Day, as we have elimination matches at Extreme Rules and Judgment Day. These two people will need to find a new job, as they'll be out of the WWE for good. The other six will all get WWE contracts. Whoever has the number one rank after SummerSlam will win an opportunity at either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship anytime up to next year's SummerSlam. The second ranked rookie will win an opportunity at either the Intercontinental Championship or United States Championship in the same time frame, and the third and fourth ranks will win an opportunity at the WWE Tag Team Championships. The fifth rank can also choose his brand, whereas the sixth rank will go wherever the fifth doesn't.

Tiffany: And what about what happened earlier tonight between Michael Tarver, Daniel Bryan, Heath Miller and David Otunga?

Mick Foley: Ah, yes, I was getting to that. Next Monday on Raw, Daniel Bryan will face David Otunga, Michael Tarver and Heath Miller in a Fatal 4-Way match, and if Otunga or Miller pin Bryan or Tarver, they will take the rank of the loser, meaning that Daniel Bryan or Michael Tarver could be sent out of the WWE at Extreme Rules, and David Otunga or Heath Miller could end up as number one rank! Next week on SmackDown, there will be another NXT Fatal 4-Way, with Wade Barrett, Ryan Sheffield, Paul Lloyd & Darren Sanford all facing off to get a higher rank before Extreme Rules.

Tiffany: Thanks for your time, Mick.

Mick Foley: Always a pleasure.



Drew McIntyre comes out to heat with his Intercontinental Championship around his waist, but it might not be there for long, as tonight he'll be defending his title against Yoshi Tatsu. McIntyre has no Vince
McMahon to protect him now, so he's on his own while Tatsu has Gail Kim in his corner.


And here comes the man himself, who despite suffering a loss to McIntyre last week in tag team action, he got his revenge with a big roundhouse kick to the champion. Gail Kim is as usual by Tatsu's side, and they kiss before Tatsu slides into the ring for the first of two title matches tonight.

Match 4 - Drew McIntyre vs Yoshi Tatsu w/ Gail Kim - Intercontinental Championship

... McIntyre takes Tatsu down with an arm wrench, before locking in an armbar, trying to pull the right arm out of its socket. McIntyre knows that this won't win him the match, so he puts his foot up on the second rope to apply more pressure. Tatsu is screaming out in pain, and the ref starts the count…





McIntyre releases the hold at the last second, but the damage may have been done. Tatsu is slower to get up than the Scot, who nails a big dropkick to the already injured right shoulder of Tatsu. McIntyre raises his arm, taunting the crowd, before locking in a hammerlock to the right arm. He laughs cruelly while Tatsu yells in agony. After a few moments in this painful submission hold, McIntyre lets him out, wanting to inflict more damage. He whips him towards the ropes, before catching him on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl armbreaker, smashing Tatsu's arm against his knee. He goes for the cover…



McIntyre laughs and lifts Tatsu's arm up, breaking up the pin, before lifting him up for a Future Shock DDT. He hooks the arms, but Tatsu spins out and roundhouse kicks McIntyre! The crowd goes wild as he makes the cover…




Winner and the NEW Intercontinental Champion - Yoshi Tatsu

He's done it! Yoshi Tatsu has won the first ever title of his young career! He shakes the pain out of his arm, before embracing Kim. She raises his arm in victory before he goes up top and celebrates the biggest win of his career so far, and McIntyre can't believe it! He stalks Tatsu from the opposite corner, but as he charges, Kim hits him in the head with a steel chair! McIntyre is out of it, and Kim just saved her boyfriend from a possible beat-down! They kiss again as we head backstage where Tiffany is standing by with Dolph Ziggler.

Tiffany: Hi everybody, it's me again, and this time I'm standing by with Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler: Come on, babe, the name's Nic Nemeth now, remember?

Tiffany looks disgusted at Nemeth's advances towards her.

Nic Nemeth: Dolph Ziggler is a thing of the past. Dolph Ziggler was the man who would ask for a handshake and introduce himself. Dolph Ziggler was a complete failure. Nic Nemeth on the other hand, will be 100% a success, and I'll be glad to show you that tonight...

Nemeth puts his arm around Tiffany, who pushes him away in disgust. Matt Hardy comes up to the two.

Matt Hardy: Hey, Ziggler, get the hell off her!

Nic Nemeth: Ziggler? I don't see any 'Ziggler's around here. Only a fat, washed up loser who I pinned last week!

Nemeth is looking straight at Hardy when he says this, and Matt is absolutely furious.

Matt Hardy: You? I'm sorry. I don't remember being pinned by 'Nic Nemeth', but if you reckon you're so much better than I am, how about you prove it in a match next week; Dolph Zig - I mean 'Nic Nemeth' vs Matt Hardy. Or is 'Nic Nemeth' too good for that?

Every time Matt says 'Nic Nemeth' he uses air quotes.

Nic Nemeth: You know what? You're on!

Nemeth walks off, while Tiffany thanks Hardy with a hug.



Rey Mysterio comes out to easily the biggest pop of the night so far, ready for the first third of tonight's triple main event against Luke Gallows, where the winner will be able to decide the stipulation for Mysterio's match with CM Punk at Extreme Rules.


Gallows, sans the rest of the SES, comes out to his own entrance music, and he looks focussed on Mysterio. The two have had two matches since Punk took Gallows under his wing, and they have one win apiece.

Match 4 - Rey Mysterio vs Luke Gallows

... Gallows smirks and lifts Mysterio up for a powerbomb, but Mysterio nails some punches, and Gallows staggers towards the corner, Mysterio still on his shoulders. Rey steps off onto the turnbuckle and kicks Gallows away. Mysterio steadies himself, before leaping off with a moonsault! The cover is made…



So close! Gallows just gets his shoulder up, and Mysterio goes right back on the offensive, locking in an cross-legged STF! Will Gallows tap? Gallows is struggling, but he manages to get to his feet with Rey still on his back! Gallows rams him into the turnbuckle multiple times until he releases the hold. Mysterio gets right back to his feet, but is sent down with a big boot. Gallows is rolling here, and he runs off the ropes, and hits a big splash! He holds on for the pin…



Rey Mysterio will not be denied! Gallows is pissed that he was able to get out of that, and he hooks Mysterio up for a belly to belly suplex, and throws him across the ring, but he lands on the top rope! As Gallows turns back around, he is hit with a diving hurricanrana, sending him into the ropes! Mysterio dials up, and hits the 619! Gallows knocks the ref down as he staggers back, and Mysterio goes to the top looking for a seated senton, but he is pushed off by a fan from the crowd! Gallows lifts him up, and sends him back down with the Twelfth Step! He makes the cover, and the ref sluggishly makes the count...




Winner - Luke Gallows

Rey Mysterio just got robbed! The mystery man raises Gallows' hand in victory as Punk and Serena make their way down to the ring to congratulate Gallows on his big win.

CM Punk: Alright Rey, while you lie there in agony after you just got thrown onto your ass, let me introduce you to the newest member of my Straight-Edge Society, Colt Cabana!

A fairly big pop for the indy star although he was just introduced as a heel.

CM Punk: And now, I believe that I get to pick the stipulation for Extreme Rules?

Cabana mouths 'That's right' to Punk.

CM Punk: Alright then, if - no, when I beat you in two weeks at Extreme Rules, you will join my ever-growing Society, and since its Extreme Rules, let's make it a TLC match!

The SES smirk before leaving the ring, while Serena lingers for a moment gazing at Mysterio, before following her stablemates, as we head to the secod vignette of the night.

Voiceover: For years, he entertained the WWE Universe…

We see multiple Swanton Bombs from Jeff Hardy.

Voiceover: One of the most extreme Superstars in history…

We see the Swanton off the Raw set onto Randy Orton in 2008, followed by another Swanton off a ladder onto CM Punk at last year's SummerSlam, then a Whisper in the Wind from the top of a steel cage onto Edge in 2001.

Voiceover: A four-time Intercontinental Champion…

We see clips of his Intercontinental title wins against Triple H, Johnny Nitro (twice) and Umaga.

Voiceover: A two-time World Heavyweight Champion…

His World title victories last year against Edge and CM Punk…

Voiceover: And a former WWE Champion…

And the main event from 2008's Armageddon where he defeated Edge & Triple H…

Voiceover: And now…

Jeff celebrating one of many tag title victories with his brother Matt…

Voiceover: He's back!

Hardy doing his trademark pose on the turnbuckle as the following graphic appears on screen:

WWE Draft 2010!
We see Punk and the Society watching this vignette on a monitor backstage looking pretty worried.



The Rated-R Superstar makes his way down to the ring looking pretty worried, and rightfully so, as he's about to take on the Phenom of the WWE, The Undertaker for the second of our three main events tonight.


'Taker makes his grand entrance to the ring, and he is out to get the man who cost him the World Heavyweight Championship last week. Once he's taken his coat and hat off, the ref rings the bell…

Match 5 - Edge vs The Undertaker

… 'Taker has Edge on the ropes, and he puts the fists to him, hitting him several times in the ribs before twice in the head, knocking him to the floor. He runs into the ropes, and damn near takes Edge's head off with a guillotine leg drop! He grabs the arm, and locks in a Fujiwara armbar! Edge's arm is being twisted to an impossible angle, but he manages to get to his feet, and somehow maneuver it into a flapjack of sorts! Edge shakes out his arm, before going back after Undertaker, knocking him down with a spinning heel kick before heading to the top rope and leaping off with a missile dropkick. Edge gets that look in his eye, and goes to the corner to stalk 'Taker for the Spear. He charges, but he's caught by the throat! Undertaker lifts him up for the chokeslam, but Edge slips out, kicks Undertaker in the gut, and nails the Impaler DDT! He quickly makes the cover…



No! Edge thought that was over, and he tears at his hair and looks to the referee for confirmation that it was in fact only a two count. He gets it, but perhaps takes too much time, as upon turning around, he is scooped up and hit with Snake Eyes! 'Taker follows up with a big boot, and then a running leg drop, before doing his throat-slit taunt. He waits for Edge to get to his feet, before scooping him up and dropping him on his head with the Tombstone! He crosses the arms having slain another victim…




Winner - The Undertaker

Edge rolls out of the ring as 'Taker does his trademark 'air guitar' victory pose. We head to our last commercial of the night…



The World Heavyweight Champion comes out looking none too pleased after being chokeslammed onto a stage earlier tonight, as well as the prospect of having to defend his title for the third time in less than three weeks.


Kane comes out looking pissed because - well, because he's Kane and he's always looking pissed. He sets off his pyro before stepping into the ring to try to add to his one day total of being a world champ.

Match 6 - Chris Jericho vs Kane - World Heavyweight Championship

… Kane has Jericho high for a military press drop, but the Mental Mastermind slips out and nails the Big Red Monster with a spinning heel kick, before dropping an elbow onto his face. He runs to the ropes and bounces off before hitting a running senton. He puts his foot on Kane's chest and flexes for a pin…


Jericho knew that wasn't going to put Kane away, and he runs towards the ropes, springboards off looking for a Lionsault… but Kane grabs him by the throat! He stands up before lifting him into the air for a chokeslam, but is caught on the way down with a Codebreaker, just like what happened to Undertaker last week! He makes the cover…




Jericho breaks up the pin in anticipation for his nemesis, but Edge doesn't show. Instead, Jericho turns around only for Kane to goozle him! He lifts him up for a chokeslam once more, but once again, Jericho slips out and rolls him up; he has the tights…




Winner and STILL the World Heavyweight Champion - Chris Jericho

Jericho stole one! He flees the ring as soon as Kane sits up, and Kane is absolutely livid! Jericho runs backstage, as this music hits…


Yep, the SmackDown General Manager shimmies out onto the stage, and he has an announcement to make…

Teddy Long: Jericho, you may have escaped with your title here tonight, but at Extreme Rules you may not be so lucky, as you will defend your title against both Kane and The Undertaker in an Extreme Rules match! Good luck, playa!

The final image of this chaotic SmackDown is Jericho's horrified face as he realizes what he's got himself into.

Extreme Rules card so far

John Cena (C) vs Batista - Steel Cage - WWE Championship

Chris Jericho (C) vs Undertaker vs Kane - Extreme Rules - World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon vs ? w/ Shane McMahon - Winner decides the Raw General Manager

CM Punk w/ Luke Gallows, Colt Cabana & Serena vs Rey Mysterio - TLC - If Mysterio loses he has to join the SES

ShowMiz (C) vs The Hart Dynasty vs Air Boom vs The Dominion - WWE Tag Team Championships

NXT Battle Royal

Raw card so far

The Miz (C) vs R-Truth - United States Championship

The Colons vs John Morrison & ? w/ Melina

Michael Tarver vs Daniel Bryan vs David Otunga vs Heath Miller

SmackDown card next week so far

Donny Marlow vs Caylen Croft

Matt Hardy vs Nic Nemeth

Ezekiel Jackson vs Shad Gaspard

Wade Barrett vs Ryan Sheffield vs Paul Lloyd vs Darren Sanford

Main Event card so far:

No matches announced.


Sheamus and Mark Henry battle for the right to face Triple H this Sunday at Extreme Rules as Monday Night Raw is now posted!
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