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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by ellthom View Post
Ratings will never be high for wrestling again, wrestling isn't cool anymore. WWE will never go back to the ratings they had over 10 years ago no matter who has the title, not a single person in the WWE right NOW can draw. We can pick names and point fingers but lets face it everyone has tuned out of wrestling to either move on or go watch something more engaging. The only people still wathcing now are

Those that cling onto hope that wrestling will be great again.
Kids who will most likely feel Wrestling is childish by the time they are 12
then there are probably a large amount of people who instead illegally stream/pirate the shows which don't help the ratings either.

Ratings will go up slightly maybe and go back down again. Wrestlemania showed us that the only way to make people watch is to add a former wrestler now movie star to a match, a FORMER WWE star, thats very sad that WWE cant create new stars and have got to rely on old ones to big up the ratings. People just don't watch to watch WWE as much as they used too. It sounds harsh but its near true. I am the only one of my friends who now watches WWE out of everyone I knew who used to.. very sad.

I wouldnt be surprised to see WWE in TNA ratings territory soon
Yeah i don't blame your friends. Everytime had a get together to watch WWE within the last several years the episode ALWAYS turned out to be underwhelming, failing to live up to any of our expectations that were created by WWE from the 90s to early 00s. They have to ruin every storyline, make everything so lame and boring. Nothing has a badass feel that pro wrestling should have. The midcard all looks like jobbers with no interesting personas and none of the titles matter anymore and have all lost prestige. WWE was putting on underwhelming shows as far back 2006, its no surprise its impossible now to get anyone to sit through it with you, not to mention making it 3 hours makes it even more of a chore than it ever was.

And to think i actually fell into Punk's scripted lines and believed he would actually "make this shit cool again". What a mark i am.

Sad thing is i even took a break in most of 2010 and 2011 but i see its just not going to improve. I think its time for me to just move on to something else. People just want a modern day badass wrestling show that's entertaining and not boring as fuck or try too hard to be edgy. Problem is WWE is so out of touch with modern culture that isn't for kids that they end up alienating more wrestling fans when they go after nickolodeon stars or celebrities that haven't been relevant in 10 years. They never get anyone now who's modern yet cool and not a lame tool. They did get mayweather a few years back but who have they gotten since? Snooki? lol well at least she was part of modern culture at the time. Why didn't they have tebow on the show or lebron james? or any modern artist who doesn't make terrible music that will get them booed or ignored by the majority of the crowd.

They're so out of touch. I mean seriously they have ziggler considering getting on an elevator with someone as reaching 2nd base? really? people don't even use the baseball terms for "scoring" anymore. Goddamn WWE is so oudated!

Oh well, sorry for venting like a lil bitch.

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