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Re: General Movie Discussion Part II

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Big movie watching day today.

First off caught the New Spiderman (for fucks sake Emma Stone is like the sexiest thing ever) which I really liked the first 2/3rds of it, but the last bit didn't sit well with me for some reason. I almost marked out at the end because I thought the guy in the shadow was Willem Defoe being Osborn again but it wasn't. Garfield, Ifans, Stone, Leary & Sheen were all really great in this.

Then went to the cinema later and saw Argo a.k.a. ARGOFUCKYOURSELF and its hands down the best movie i've seen this year but I like Avengers more still. Ben Affleck when did you get so talented.

And finally my friends wife decided she wanted to see Lincoln (and ended up falling alseep for parts of it) and it was good acting and shit but I got kinda bored at times, i've also been up since 6 am and it was an almost 3 hour movie and my brain is fried since its been such a long day. Not a fan of how Spielberg decided to handle the assassination though, thought that was lame. Day-Lewis was awesome as always but the real treat for me was JAMES F'N SPADER & WALT GOGGINS in the same scene even if Walton had a pretty small part. Tommy Lee Jones was also pretty awesome playing himself in the 1800's.
(please tell me I was right in claiming that was a joke? maybe I'm too blitzed on caffeine atm)

Oh, and I give all credit to The Town being one hell of a flick and that's where Ben Affleck found his stride. Not counting Dogma or any thing else involving Kevin Smith.

Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
I've only seen the end of Green Latern. No desire to see the rest of it.
Smart move. Green Lantern is such a bust that I'll gladly put over Avengers by claiming it's an astronomical number > Green Lantern. It's the Eric Bana Hulk level garbage. Maybe even worse. Which is sad since Green Lantern in comics or in general is friggin awesome. Stupid WB fucking things up for me. At least I have Batman.

Yet to see The Amazing Spiderman. Hear good things. I like the other three (yeah, even #3, shocker!) and Lizard + Emma "the great" Stone is enough to garner interest. Revamping the story was a bit off putting. The whole "this stuff again?" vibe came over me, but the constant positive reviews got me to come around.

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