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Re: GFX Ratings Thread

Originally Posted by Abk™ View Post
Would be hard for you top your bro. His sheer creativity will blow you out of the water, son.

Btw, that's a sick sig.
Originally Posted by A$AP View Post
Don't be a douche lol.

I like it Prae. Good shit.
Okay, let's just settle this.

Spoiler for Abk and A$AP:

I am the one overseeing my brothers progression personally and it's no secret I judge based on experience. My brother mentioned me in his little comment because I have praised his arc of progression as it matches mine with the exception that I've been giving him pointers whereas I improved based solely on experimentation. He's a creative guy as well but right now he's focused on getting the basics down. His latest (not quite final) pieces:

I'd say he's in good hands.

Originally Posted by A$AP View Post
You're supposed to be rating his work. Not telling him how much better his brother is.
It's like going to every art gallery and telling them how it's nice but Da Vinci's work was much better lol.
A$AP, the voice of reason.

Originally Posted by Abk™ View Post
Hmm..I'm all for the return of shops tbh. This current system is quite dull. There are enough active artists to keep the section going.

Maybe throw up a contest, and the first three get shops or just leave the selections up to the mod so he could give a shop to whoever he thinks deserves one in the section. Don't think it's a bad idea tbh. Champ, I'm expecting you to second this.
I'll address this here since I don't want to clog up the Giveaway Thread. At this point I don't care anymore, I loved having a shop because my shop was pretty popular in the absence of the 'old school' guys. In fact I have the shops to thank for having my own little group of loyal 'fans' who 'til this day still PM me for a signature, since they like my style. So in a way I still get a bit of both worlds, you're not alone though, others, including my brother want a shop too. Here is my concern though and the concern I'm sure Tenacious might have as well, upkeep.

Don't take this the wrong way, but your recent actions don't bode well for you having a shop Abk, recently you've been all, "I'll give this a try" and then never follow through. Which hey, is fine since there are other artists who submit, part of the beauty of this new concept. I know you might change your ways if you had a legit shop and you were pretty consistent with your old shop but you seem uninspired right now. This goes for anyone else who wants a shop. Upkeep is key.

Now moving on to business...

I like the concept, I thought it would be more fitting with a masked guy like Sin Cara, but I can understand that Kofi's action is more like 'Spiderman'. So I provided an example of how I would approach your idea using the same subject:

Originally Posted by A$AP View Post
The Kofi one is a cool idea but the color choice is meh. Since everyone uses green in Kofi sigs you should go the other way and try blue or something. Orange would fit him too.

Just my two cents.
-Like A$AP said, the 'watermelon colours' as I like to call them are a bit played out (I am guilty of using the same colour scheme),they don't (in my opinion) fit this particular concept.

-The text I used is The Amazing Spider Man, which of course is very fitting for your concept.

-I added subtle Reddish Outer Glow to the web, and a distant Drop Shadow consistent with the light source.

-A couple of texture layers for the background and another lens layer to tie it all together as well as a subtle lighten of dull gradient blues over top.

-Kofi himself has a drop shadow and a gradient overlay of Red and Blue which is REALLY subtle now that I really look at it.

This of course is just a quick example of my style and my approach to your concept. It's rather simple 8 layers in total including text, of course you could add more 'effects and textures if that's your preference. I hope it's cool that I provided my own example, A$AP vouched for you and said you're pretty chill, so I felt comfortable enough. All that being said, I've seen your work in the Giveaway Thread and I like your style and it's distinct which is great as it adds variety to this section.

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