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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Not gonna argue with the booking flaws b/c they were just that. Flaws. Cena put all of that importance vs The Rock, lost, and it felt like nothing ever happened. Sure they incorporated it as if it was gonna lead to something, but it didn't. That's the WWE's fault. It's also their fault that he went from losing to Rock, to beating Lesnar, to losing to Ace, and beating Show. The latter two being programs that nobody really cared for from the start. So I think this all stems from the WWE's apparent lack of direction this year on some things. Cena finally got some steady momentum when won MITB, granted it was painfully obvious, and began the series vs Punk again.

It made sense to have Brock there to be the guy who was gonna be the "new face of the WWE" by Ace. His loss actually incorporated with the Triple H storyline fine. That's really where the basis of it came from. He loses, still demands this and that leading to H claiming why they would give it to him when he couldn't even topple the current "face of the company." Take it from there. So that was fine for Brock. Like I said, didn't hurt him either. No real use in the gripe anymore as it has come and past. Brock was last seen on a high note and that's good enough for him to return and make a claim for a potential WrestleMania match.

Have to chime in that the finish of the match at Extreme Rules was well done. But, more importantly believable. Brock demolished Cena. Never attempted to cover or win the match, however. That's the key. He simply wanted to beat the crap out of the man. He let his ego get the better of him and flew directly into a massive punch from Cena WITH A CHAIN. You seen Cena's hands? They're massive. Combined with steel chain and forget about it. Brock was bleeding, disoriented, and didn't know where he was at. Combine that with an F-U on the steel steps followed by a quick cover and there you go. Cena capitalized on his one chance. Brock had Cena beat numerous times in the match. He simply was too cocky to try and take the W. He was his own worst enemy at the end. If there ever was a way for Brock to leave that match fine, that was it.

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