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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Its part of two matches they have on the same day. Think Philadelphia is the first match and then a few hours later they're wrestling in Landover and even do a callback spot to the Philadelphia match (or Landover depending on which comes first, though I think Landover is the second match). I know Meltzer does gush over the House Show matches and it might very well be one of those two.

Midnight Express/Southern Boys made my top 10 in WCW history, with the RnR Express/Midnight Express tag from Wrestlewar the same year just ahead of it. Steamboat/Rhodes vs Anderson/Zbyszko 11/19/91 would also be in my top 5 tags in US history. Its Steamboats' return to the NWA/WCW and Arn sells it perfectly like an old enemy is back to ruin his life once again. Doesn't hurt that all 4 men in it are amongst the finest tag wrestlers of all time. Think this was #6 on my WCW ballot.

The Starrcade 92 tag made my top 20 for WCW, loved it and it was a really strong match. The Superbrawl II match with Windham/Rhodes vs Austin/Zybszko is also another overlooked great WCW tag. Arn/Vader vs Stars n Stripes from 95 is also the best WCW match from that year and another gem of a tag.

Speaking of Rhodes, you seen Dustin Rhodes vs Vader from 92 and 94? Both great matches but the rematch in 94 is legit incredible. Rhodes is as good a foil for Vader as Sting and really plays the surprisngly believable babyface really well despite his great size, and the way they build to him finally taking Vader down and the resulting crowd pop is beautiful pro wrestling.
Maybe I'll get on one, or both if possible, of their house show affairs. I have all of their other televised matches in my collection so at least I got a bite on the legendary series.

Don't know why my memory is clouded, but I don't even remember a brief departure for Steamboat that caused him to return in '91. Then again it seemed like he faded away following WrestleWar '89. Either way, I'm gonna look for ALL of those tags and see if I can luck out on dailymotion (or youtube) and watch them. Seen all of those stellar Dangerous Alliance tags so giving them another go around is gonna rock.

Toss in the Vader/Rhodes matches to ones I want to find too. I know I've seen one of those. Not both however. Think it was the '92 over the '94. So if the rematch is even stronger then yeah, I have to witness it. Loved all the Vader vs Sting matches. No doubt. That chemistry, wonderful.

Speaking of top WCW matches, where do you have Malenko vs Dragon from Starrcade '96? Say what you will about Dean's dull tendencies, but damn I might have to go out on limb and claim that to be his best match in the whole of his tenure. Probably my favorite opener from a WCW PPV too. And it didn't even make the top 25 matches on the Starrcade DVD set brought out by WWE. AHHHHHH.

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
And I hope your vivid memory of Undertaker/Festus is that is was good!

Regal/Finlay Uncensored is just... wow. Matches I have ahead of it for the WCW Poll:

1. Ric Flair Vs Ricky Steamboat - Clash of the Champions VI 02/04/1989
2. Ricky Steamboat Vs Vader - Saturday Night 16/10/1993
3. Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio - Halloween Havoc 26/10/1997
Oh it is. Only was about a 6 minute match, but I'm glad it went down. I liked how Vickie/Edge stacked the deck against Undertaker the 4 Smackdown's in a row heading into Backlash. vs Kane, vs Festus, vs Big Dave x2. I should relive the matches vs Batista and see if they're some fun matches to compare with the bulk of their awesome stuff in 2007.

Steamboat vs Vader clash on Saturday Night too? I have a match of theirs from the same year, or maybe it was 92..., and it was from Worldwide. All I know is that it owned. My personal favorite big man ever in Vader (ok, if he's a big man too then Undertaker ties w/him) and one of the best babyfaces ever in Steamboat. Obviously it was gonna hit a high mark.

Finlay vs Regal is gonna remain a top 5 match for me from WCW. I already watched it again today, haha.

Originally Posted by K1ngOfK1ngs View Post
Thoughts on the Regal-Finlay match from TGAB 2006 that the crowd basically shit all over ? I really enjoyed it besides all of the Hornswoggle shenanigans , but maybe I'm just a little INNNSAAAAAANNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !
A lot of fun. Certainly not their best match, but still glad the WWE was wise enough to give it to us either way. By happenstance of course since it was originally scheduled to be a triple threat w/Lashley. ***1/2. Seems to be the majority consensus on the bout.

Oh and yeah, BROCK vs Angle in '07 was from NJPW. Standard post-WWE Angle fare. Kurt's matches in Japan can be fun though. I know he had entertaining bouts with the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura (aka the current GOAT imo), Hiroshi Tanahashi, & Giant Bernard aka Tensai or his 100 other names.

And to add MORE to this continued post, I FINALLY watched the "Ric Flair & The Four Horseman" documentary. Bought it well over a month ago. Superb stuff. Pretty gritty. They really gave you the majority of details. Tully even mentioned COKE. Something Shawn's doc (Heartbreak and Triumph) beat around the bush on so many fucking times that it pissed me off. My favorite documentary behind Rise And Fall of ECW. Which is number one simply due to it being the flat out most revealing doc available by WWE. As if I needed a reason to be hyped more to watch NWA/WCW stuff, that documentary did it. Only match I took the time to watch was Flair vs Arn from Fall Brawl. Grand. I know the rest comply. Original Wargames, Flair vs Morton in the Cage, some Arn & Tully tags. Yeah, gonna have fun when I give those a look.

I'll probably shoot a mini-review on either the Rise & Fall of WCW or Starrcade sets later today. So many stellar matches on there that I feel like marking over. Especially on the RAF of WCW Disc 1. Two of the best tags ever, Flair vs Steamboat '89 I, Flair vs Magnum, WINDHAM VS RHODES GAB, and even what I consider to be only Hogan's good match in the company vs Flair at BATB '94.

Oh, and the Best PPV matches of 2012 set should be choice. Won't have any reason to own it since I own all the PPVs from 2012, but given the matches I'll reccomend. Punk vs Danielson getting a cover spot over the MOTY in Cena vs BROCK is pretty awesome. My two favorite matches from WWE this year.

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