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Re: Shawn Michaels and Diesel

I see. As far as the money factor goes, like I said before, my post wasn't in response to yours or anyone else's. It was just a post that had more than just the money factor in it (like you said, the working schedule). I had no idea anyone would even respond to my first post on this thread. It was just my opinion on the subject matter, that's all. And in the very same post, you said that I "didn't add anything new to the discussion" but you then went on to acknowledge, that I did in fact add something new to the discussion, that being the work schedule. So, you rep'd me for not adding to the discussion, even though you then mentioned that I did, in fact, add something to the discussion that hadn't been brought up before.

As far as the going on in circles about Shawn wanting Hall and Nash to leave or not, I thought it was just a discussion. You rep'd me right away before we even went into the HBK wanting Hall and Nash to leave circle when I hadn't even done anything and in fact did mention something new. That struck me as odd as we went forward with the discussion. From there, we were having a discussion about a topic in which we had two different opinions and all I did was mention some of the interviews in which clique members (including Nash himself) had spoken in. It was just a discussion to me and nothing else. I didn't think it was much of a big deal or anything.

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