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Re: Analyze This: Greatest of All Times

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
No, because you can't see what is not available & you're not going to use the opinions of others to form your own opinion. I mean, is there a hidden surplus of Jerry Lawler in Memphis I don't know about? Because I was born after that era & it predated the internet age. You know what I mean? And if you grew up in the States, you're obviously going to have less access to Puroresu, Lucha Libre or even English/British wrestling.

If anything, that makes it so in-ring is ALL that matters, especially when rating Puroresu where there's a disconnect of both culture & language. If Jumbo isn't a draw, that doesn't make his matches worse.

Maybe I'm not understanding what you're saying though because I feel sort of confused.
Drawing power is a statistic, factual and therefore more accurate than rating someone based on in-ring performance which is completely subjective. I'm not arguing that if you look at wrestling from in-ring performance that GOAT is subjective, but being the greatest and being a favourite are different, greatest should be looked at objectively, trying to evaluate the good and bad, trying to exclude bias, which is why numbers are much more useful.

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
Your examples are pretty bad, to be fair, but what is wrong & right differ by location, religious beliefs and culture. For example, the recent gay ban in Uganda leading to death or life imprisonment. Is it wrong? Well, it is to people in the United States that have differing beliefs. But it's right to the majority of people in Uganda.

But I don't see how the white male shit ties-in at all, honestly. Like I legit don't know what point you're trying to make. Anything that can not be proven is not a fact. Thus, if it can not be proven, it is either an opinion or a theory. Which leads to subjective ideals and differing viewpoints. Math can be proven factually. Who is the best pro-wrestler can not.

Who is the biggest draw in wrestling? That is not an opinion.
Who is the best in wrestling? That is an opinion.
Uganda is less developed and less educated than more modern countries. If they understood science and homosexuality as biological instead of a choice it wouldn't have been banned, but the opinions and beliefs in Uganda are far behind modern countries. In 200 years time people will be looking back and saying those people then didn't understand, just like people say now about people 200 years ago.

The biggest draw in wrestling is what makes the best in wrestling is what I am arguing for though. Like I said favourite and greatest are two distinct and different things. Greatest is objective, favourite is subjective. I have no problem you saying in-ring performance is what makes my favourites, but I don't see how something so subjective can be used for something objective.
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