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Re: Analyze This: Greatest of All Times

Your examples are pretty bad, to be fair, but what is wrong & right differ by location, religious beliefs and culture. For example, the recent gay ban in Uganda leading to death or life imprisonment. Is it wrong? Well, it is to people in the United States that have differing beliefs. But it's right to the majority of people in Uganda.

But I don't see how the white male shit ties-in at all, honestly. Like I legit don't know what point you're trying to make. Anything that can not be proven is not a fact. Thus, if it can not be proven, it is either an opinion or a theory. Which leads to subjective ideals and differing viewpoints. Math can be proven factually. Who is the best pro-wrestler can not.

Who is the biggest draw in wrestling? That is not an opinion.
Who is the best in wrestling? That is an opinion.

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