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Re: Analyze This: Greatest of All Times

Originally Posted by The Gorgeous One View Post
But how does in-ring wrestling matter? Wrestlers and promoters really don't care that much about in-ring style, so I don't know where this incessant need of internet "smarks" came from. If you are basing it solely on what happens in the ring then I guess you consider Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask as two of the greatest of all time?

Of course you need good in-ring performance as well, because wrestling is a variety show, you need something for everyone. But in pro-wrestling being great in the ring doesn't make you a great pro wrestler, drawing money is a lot to do with the wrestler themselves, look at the territory days. Even before Hogan went to WWF he was a huge draw in AWA with his own gimmick. Even wrestlers like Pat Patterson say that it was both Hogan and McMahon that made WWF and not just the promoter. If it was just down to the promoter, why did Lex Luger not work? Why is Randy Orton still not a massive draw considering he has been rammed down fans throats since he started?

Drawing isn't the only thing that matters but without guys who draw money you wouldn't have any wrestling at all.
Booking is provides the draw. And at the same time, that has a bigger effect on the company, not me as a fan. I don't see the need from a fans perspective of limiting GOAT talk to only those who draw big money.

You know what, it's just me. I refuse to call someone GOAT because of the gate, as a fan, it should be all about what happens in that ring and everything associated with performance. You can push a guy to the moon but if he can't perform at that level, he won't be a draw. But if he is a draw and makes money, it could be due to various factors that is a reflection of character, booking or popularity. I can't give someone that advantage because they made good money or a great wrestler who could work and tell a story in the ring.

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