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Re: Shawn Michaels and Diesel

Originally Posted by ShowStopper '97 View Post
Um, re-read my post. It's not even what Shawn said first. Bret said it first. You know, the guy who was his enemy back then. Bret said it, and Shawn said he was arrogant enough back then to say it. But Bret brought it up and said it first.

And according to Bret, their problems stemmed from Shawn not having the right mindset to be champion (only working with his friends and keeping the main event money in the clique) and not respecting Bret enough and refusing to put him over. The Sunny stuff was just icing on the cake.
The point is, you act like because one of them says something, you act as if I can't have an opinion to the contrary. Thats what this whole debate is, you not agreeing with my opinion and constantly bringing up what I already knew. Yet, when I bring up what somebody said, it's wrong because Bret or Shawn said something different. They've been saying something different for nearly 15 years now.

So, if you logic is that I can't have my own opinion on this matter, just quit replying now because no amount of quotes from shoots I've likely seen or heard, are going to make me change my opinion. And my opinion is that HBK benefited from Hall, Nash & Kid leaving and that the heat between HBK & Bret was mainly due to Tammy.

If you disagree, fine but at least debate my opinion with your own opinion. I've read enough articles and watched enough shoots, I know the story these guys told and if I still have this same opinion, do you really think you repeating what Bret or Shawn said is going to make me say "I take my opinion back"? No it won't.

Again, this is all my opinion. All my opinion, I don't give a damn who said what, this is opinion based. Jesus Christ, I should know not to argue with somebody over a particular wrestler they have in their sig.

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