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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Considering the strong liberal bias in our colleges among professors I'm not surprised by that chart. Not that educated Republicans would have much reason to vote Romney anyway. He's not a conservative and from his record was an obvious flip-flopper a la John Kerry.

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post

Except atomic bombs kill people instantly and irradiate the environment. Those videos also need to go into detail on how sanctions murder people. They just say it and we're supposed to believe it. OK British narrator! I mean yeah we can read between the lines, but if they're going to make claims as absurd as sanctions being more dangerous than the most dangerous weapons on the planet they need to go into a bit of detail.

Sanction holocaust > nuclear holocaust.
Obviously atomic bombs are more destructive. However it's pretty easy to figure out that when you initiate force to prevent a country from receiving basic goods for its people (which should be considered an act of war), a shit ton of people are going to die. They're going to starve from a lack of food and die from diseases that could have otherwise been treated had they had more medical supplies. Especially in countries in the middle east where you have leaders who are going to stockpile what supplies they have for themselves and let the people eat cake, so to speak.

I don't place much value in the 1,000,000 dead figure, but it's important to remember when you hear presidential candidates patting each other on the back over tough sanctions on other countries, they're talking about playing a hand in many children starving to death. Same as high-fiving over increased drone strikes. Innocent people are dying. Stop high-fiving, you psychopaths.

But no, these countries hate us because of our FREEDOMS.

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