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Re: 2013 The age of orton returns????

Im pretty sure he will be back on raw in the future and take over his spot, everyone know that orton is better heel than cm punk

Yeah, whatever you say, buddy. Punk has completely embarassed Orton over the last year and shown him what a real star is. Orton's nothing, the fact that he has NINE world titles and yet has the same level of momentum as people like Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler shows you how his push so HASN'T worked. He's a B level SmackDown star and he's conclusively proven that he doesn't matter in the slightest without Vince McMahon holding his hand through everything.

The only way he'll get his spot back is if Punk retires, but even then, they can turn Ryback, they can turn Sheamus, they can decide to make Bryan the top heel if they're that desperate, they can call up somebody like Dean Ambrose and make him a huge star, they don't HAVE to rely on Orton, and to be honest, they shouldn't because he'll never be any bigger.

They ruined the opportunity to turn him into a huge draw in 2004 when HHH buried him as soon as he was getting started combined with the fact it was pushed. (don't tell me he didn't get over because that's a flat out lie) He still did pretty good in 2009 as top heel and was a bigger draw than anyone in today's roster outside of Cena.
No, they didn't ruin anything, he did. He was a NIGHTMARE to work with back then, Vince wanted him to be the guy the whole time. Besides, he can't be a huge draw because he has no charisma whatsoever. They made the right choice going with Batista because he made them SO much more money than Orton ever has, would or could.

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