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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Wake me up when November ends :'()

Rant time...

The only one to blame for this loss is Ferguson, period. What the fuck was he thinking!? You play absolutely slow, careless and sloppy football against a young, energetic Villa team and the only reason you got a result was because you took Scholes off and brought Cleverley, Anderson and Chicharito on, with Cleverley and Hernandez making a huge difference. What does Ferguson do against a young, energetic Norwich team? Pick Giggs and Carrick. I mean, that's like playing with 8 men.

Then the substitutions; taking off Valencia and Hernandez? Um, what? Did Ferguson have a dream that Giggs and Scholes were still 27 years of age and could sprint around the pitch? Mind-boggling. Then he takes until 80+ minutes to bring on Anderson. How Young stayed on when he was our worst player is beyond me. What game was Ferguson watching? I will always love Fergie but these past couple of seasons he's made some really incompetent decisions, last season against City being one and this season he can't seem to pick a strong starting XI. His fascination with Carrick this season is also baffling when Carrick has been useless so far. Time to take some of the players out back with a shotgun and integrate Cleverley and Anderson into the midfield more. We need energy, not old age pensions and that infamous ZOMBIE FOOTBALL.

You'd think after how many times we've fucked up by playing slow, lethargic football that Ferguson would finally get a clue. Nope. Zombie football dominates all! It's the new era of football, be afraid!

We really missed Rooney, you could tell. Plus, when you have two out of form wingers in Valencia and Young, you're bound to get fucked in the ass from the very beginning.

The only player that can leave looking like they tried was Rafael. Sure, he and Smalling were to blame for conceding the goal but Rafael was our most consistent defender once again and worked so hard in attack when Valencia and Young didn't know what to do on the ball.

A shit night and it was inevitable. I was very confident we'd get something until I saw Ferguson's pathetic excuse for a team selection. I even laughed when I saw his substitutes... such poor decision making all night.

I'm very concerned for this season, we really need a new central midfielder but we over rely on Michael "the second coming of Xavi & Iniesta" Carrick and the other old age pensioners in Scholes and Grandad Giggs. Not only that but our defence is a laughing stock. No one can comprehend the basics of defending in our team except for Rafael. Also, if you have Manchester City, who have been poor this season also but can get results and haven't lost in the league and also look to be improving now in their performances and you have United who look so average and have lost 3 times already, you know you're fucked. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done quickly. You can try and outscore the opposing team but it will always come back and haunt you if you can't even defend properly.

I hope we do bounce back after ANOTHER crap performance. Unfortunately, no one could bail us out of the shit this time.

Also, credit to Norwich, they deserved the 3 points from the beginning and were terrific throughout. Absolutely solid at the back. Wish I could say the same about us.

Credit: CJ

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