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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

JAM's Review

The opening was pretty standard stuff. I would've really liked to have seen this written in full just because of the exchange these two would've had. Plus, I think Miz is a really good talker. It was good of Miz to bring back the past about how psychotic Orton was seemingly trying to kill the momentum he has. at Miz for volunteering Riley to challenge Orton in a match. I just loved those parts when Riley would take the beating for Miz, it was awesome. Standard opening to the show, let's get this rolling!

I liked Slabriel as a tag team so I'm glad that you didn't break them up just yet. I just hope you get those tag titles off of Koztino, they're horrible. Not really much to say as you're going in the right direction. Sad to see the Usos taking the loss though, push them! Pretty impressive Wrestlemania video package there. The poster is really good too, kudos to Bagwell on a job well done!

I'm still not a fan of the duo of Tyson Kidd and Jackson Andrews. I definitely think you got the alignment right with Kidd going heel but I think he can do this on his own. DH Smith coming down was predictable and needed to happen. Nice touch adding Melina into this whole mess, gaining momentum on the champion. Two birds with one stone here. Interesting part here. I sense some tension between Barrett and Punk maybe? Not too sure. But having two leaders in a group never ends well so I'll wait and see what you come up with.

Miz/Regal match? This needed to be written in full! But anyway, the win gives Miz a good victory over a veteran, he was put over here well. The Anonymous GM getting involved was interesting as he put a stipulation to Miz's title match. If Miz pins Orton cleanly, that'll be a hell of a win for Miz so I guess that's the route you're going to really establish Miz.

Would've liked to seen this match in detail as well but that's fine. I was expecting something to happen after the match, like a Nexus beatdown but I guess we've had enough chaos on RAW. The Cena video was rather interesting, maybe he's a favorite to win the Rumble?

DAT SQUASH MATCH. But the aftermath is where the important stuff happens. Very intriguing that you had Miz do this to Orton, not really sure how Orton will be able to compete on one leg. I have absolutely no idea what route you're going to go with this one so I'll just reserve my opinion on it. However, in this entire episode, you've made Miz look good, which is all you really want to do.

Overall, I liked this episode. I wanted to see some matches with some detail but what you gave us was fine too. There were some errors in your grammar but it didn't really stop me from reading, it was fine all throughout anyway. Just gets you one show closer to the Rumble, can't wait. Onto the next one!

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