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Smackdown Review

Honestly I am starting to get sick and tired of seeing Michael Cole walking around pretending like he owns the place as General Manager and here is to hoping one of these days Cole gets what's coming to him and I mean that in the physical sense, or that Chip Butty personally fires Michael Cole and we can finally have a GM on Smackdown who is worthy of being a GM

Loved CM Punk's promo of how he is talking about being The Best In The World and that is because he is, he proves it each and every single night, he claims it, he is exactly it and he is going to walk into the Elimination Chamber next Sunday as the World Heavyweight Champion and he is going to walk out of the Elimination Chamber still the World Heavyweight Champion and he will headline WrestleMania 27 as the World Heavyweight Champion and if he should face John Cena at WrestleMania 27, he will go on to beat Cena too to retain the title and still be champion

But at least Cole made some good matches by having Punk take on Team Angle all 3 members Angle, Hennig and Watson but Punk somehow still able to survive and outsmart Cole yet again, when will Michael Cole ever learn, that Punk always seems to outsmart him at every turn

Christian vs Undertaker, that match screams a WrestleMania worthy type match, hopefully it leads to a Streak Match between the 2 of them at WrestleMania 27 with Christian trying to end The Dead Man's undefeated streak, either 19-0 or 18-1

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy The Hardy Boyz facing The British Empire for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships, and The British Empire retaining, just goes to show you that The Hardy Boyz are not the same team as they once were, and Matt should do what he always should have done, turn his back on his brother Jeff and be all about himself and not care about the fans, because honestly where has all of that gotten him? No where, but I think you are leading towards a Matt vs Jeff match at WrestleMania 27 but didn't these 2 already go at it at WrestleMania 25 a couple years ago, with Matt winning? So what would be the point of them going at it again at Mania when this feud has already happened, best that these brothers go their separate ways and stay away from one another altogether

Kofi beats Big Show again, just goes to show you Big Show just has lost his edge and that Kofi just seems to be gaining more and more momentum heading into the Chamber match in 9 days for the World Heavyweight Championship

Rey Mysterio returns to Smackdown and it looks like it is going to be Rey vs. Del Rio for the IC Title at Elimination Chamber, I have a feeling Del Rio will somehow pull it out and retain the title

Big Show, definitely loved his promo on Kofi and about how he wasn't going to leave the ring until Cole got out there and made things right where Kofi was concerned, but I loved Big Show laying waste to everyone by knocking Christian out with the KO Punch and giving Taker a KO Punch as well

And what I loved even more was Taker laying out Show with the Chokeslam and then Christian afterwards hitting the Frog Splash on Show

I want CM Punk to change his theme song to Cult of Personality and end up becoming the CM Punk we all know him to be today, the anti-hero, the rebel of the WWE and also he can maybe change his attire too by wearing his Best In The World T-shirt and or his other Best In The World attire by being a non-conformist, stands out above the rest and just goes out there proving why he deserves to be called The Best In The World, and that is because he is, he is the champion after all, and it doesn't matter who he has to beat here because he has beaten them all before

Here is to hoping The Rock is involved in WrestleMania 27, perhaps he and Cena could perhaps end up confronting one another in the build-up towards WrestleMania 27 or even they could confront each other back-stage at WrestleMania 27 perhaps building up to a Once In A Lifetime match between them for next year's Mania for GCB's WWE

But back to the subject of Smackdown itself, loved the main event with Cena having a surprise opponent of Orton's from RAW and the surprise opponent turning out to be the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, John Morrison of RAW, a first time ever match with Morrison and Cena as your main event, definitely loved it, but what I think I was even more shocked about was Nexus making their presence felt on Smackdown and interfering in the main event and I honestly thought that they were there to attack Morrison but they surprisingly let him leave on his own accord and they attack Cena, gave Cena what he had coming, that is what I loved more than anything but Cena gets away but Nexus surprisingly raising Morrison's hand in victory, I smell a rat here, most definitely and I wonder what Barrett is going to think about this or if Barrett is somehow in on this plan

But loved Morrison upsetting Cena by pinning him in that ring 1...2..3 because it gives Morrison momentum heading into the Elimination Chamber PPV against WWE Champion Wade Barrett especially when they do face each other for the WWE Championship, but now since Cena lost, Orton gets to choose the stipulation for their match at Elimination Chamber but I wonder just what type of stipulation Orton will choose, knowing Orton he will end up choosing a Steel Cage Match or a Last Man Standing Match

But overall great Smackdown episode and I cannot wait until RAW, then it will only be 6 more days until the Elimination Chamber PPV
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