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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Monday Night RAW


We begin the show with the RAW General Manager, Ric Flair who comes out to the ring. He informs everyone that Shane McMahon suffered an injury last week and will be away from RAW for a while, which means Randy Orton has achieved his goal of eliminating the McMahon’s from RAW. But, they will be back, and he’s sure that they will be after Orton’s blood. And Flair has to make a decision, a number of Superstars have came to him and told him that the Punt is too dangerous, and it gives Orton an unfair advantage, and Flair agrees, he says that Orton has gone too far with these punts, and thus, as of right now, the punt is now banned. Right on cue, Randy Orton’s music plays and he walks out from the back, looking unhappy. He tells Flair that banning the punt is just admitting defeat, he tells him to name every Superstar that complained but Ric says no, that would just put them in danger but Orton tells Ric that right now, he is in danger. Orton threatens Flair that if he doesn’t unban the move, then he and Legacy will eliminate Flair from RAW. Flair says that is impossible because he’s dealt with worse than Orton, The Viper says that even though the punt is banned, he has no reason to stop using it. Flair informs him that he does, and that is if he does use it then he will be stripped of the WWE Championship. Flair then tells Orton that tonight he will be in a match, against a new face on Monday Night RAW, Mr. Kennedy.


Back from the commercial break, it’s time for the first match of the evening and it’s between Nigel McGuiness and Shad. The two of them put on an entertaining match, Shad looked like he had it in the bag in the early going before a distraction by Drew McIntyre allowed McGuiness a method back into the match. After McGuiness controlled for a bit, Shad fought back into the match and looked as though he would pick up the victory but again Drew McIntyre got onto the apron, but was then taken down by JTG, but that distraction was enough for Nigel to hit a low blow and then roll Shad up for the victory.

The two Brit’s back up the ramp, staring down at Cryme Tyme as we head backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting with a microphone, he introduces his guest as the WWE Divas Champion, Maryse. The sultry Diva walks into the shot, wearing her usual attire with the belt on her shoulder, she rubs it before giving Josh her full attention. Josh asks her opinion on the triple threat at Judgment Day and who out of Melina, Michelle McCool Gail Kim and Katie Lea she’d rather be the third member. Maryse replies by telling Josh that she thinks it was the correct decision, we need to know who the dominate Diva is and that is me, and she doesn’t care who the other third member is, because she’s better than every Diva on this brand.


The Judgment Day promo is shown...

We’re back on RAW where The Miz is already in the ring, where he has a new talk show, The MizTV, the set is black and blue with two chairs in the middle of the ring. The Miz introduces everyone to MizTV and tells everyone to sit back and enjoy the most exciting talk show in history, and orders the crowd to welcome his guest, The All American American Jack Swagger. The last ever ECW Champion walks down the ramp and into the ring, before grabbing a microphone. He asks Miz why he wanted him on the first edition of his talk show, The Miz responds by telling him that he needs to tell him something. A lot of people are after Punk’s briefcase, not just him, and just because he costs Punk a match doesn’t mean that he should get a chance to take the case. Swagger says it’s not just that, he wants that briefcase because he deserves it, he is a the last ever ECW Champion and a future WWE Champion, and the quickest way to that is the Money in the Bank briefcase. The Miz tells Swagger than he agrees with him that it is the quickest way, and The Miz has a goal of being WWE Champion before WrestleMania, and to do that he will need that briefcase, so he’s extending a challenge to CM Punk, Swagger interrupts him and tells him that if anyone is gonna’ get a shot then he is. Suddenly the duo stop arguing as TJ Perkins’ music plays and he walks down the ramp with a ‘PUMA’ tee on, he gets a good response from the crowd and picks a microphone. The Miz informs him that he wasn’t booked on this show and should leave, but TJ tells Miz that he was in the back and was hearing everyone speak about how they want the Money in the Bank briefcase, he says that he beat Swagger last week, but Swagger quickly inserts that it was a fluke. TJ says he can prove it again, but right now, he wants a shot at the Money in the Bank briefcase. Swagger and Miz both say that TJ hasn’t been here for a month and already he is demanding stuff. Suddenly, CM Punk comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone while Miz complains that his show is being ruined. Punk says that he respects TJ Perkins, but he doesn’t respect The Miz or Swagger. CM Punk says that his World Title reign was cut short by Randy Orton, so if anyone is cashing in this briefcase, then it is him on Orton, getting revenge, but he has no problem defending it against anyone. The four men glance at each other before suddenly the RAW General Manager, Ric Flair, appears on the titan tron to a huge pop. He says he admires Punk’s fighting spirit and says that every man in that ring has impressed him over the last few weeks, and thus, at Judgment Day, there will be a four corners match, featuring the four men in the ring, where CM Punk will defend the Money in the bank briefcase, but right now, clear the ring because we are going to have a match, it will be TJ Perkins facing the Money in the Bank holder, CM Punk. The four men glance at each other as stage hands start dismantling the ring as we fade to commercial.


We come back just as the referee rings the bell and we get some back and forth chain wrestling to begin, TJ Perkins showing he can hang in there with the likes of CM Punk. Punk eventually takes advantage hitting a couple of high hitting moves such as a suplex and back body drop. But Punk makes a mistake and climbs to the top rope, and misses an elbow drop which allows TJ to take control, Perkins hits a number of high flying moves and nearly picks up the victory with a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault. TJ climbs to the top rope, looking to end it but Punk gets to his feet and dives onto the ropes, knocking him off balance. We get the ending to the match when Punk connects with his running knee/bulldog combination, before connecting with the GTS to pick up the victory. After the match, they get a standing ovation for the match as Punk and TJ shake hands in the middle of the ring.

We now cut backstage where Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton are in talks. Orton says how dare Flair ban the punt, Rhodes and DiBiase reassure him that he doesn’t need the punt to defeat The Undertaker. Orton tells them to stop patronising him, he knows he can defeat ‘Taker, he’s done it before, he says that Flair will rue the day he crossed him, and he informs them that he has a plan for Flair next week.


We rejoin RAW where Rey Mysterio walks out to the ring, wearing jeans and a flashy shirt, dressed for the occasion this week in his home town. He walks down to the ring and thanks them for their support and applause. He says that since it’s his home town, he wants to do something special, his family are in the arena tonight, so he wants them to come into the ring. The camera searches for his wife and his two children who then are helped over the barricade by security, and Rey holds the ropes open for them. Rey brings them into the centre, and tells everyone that it’s because of these three people that he can come out and put on a show for everyone, he loves competing but being away for so long can take a toll, and that’s why he loves coming to his home town, because he can spend more time with his family, he says without them he wouldn’t be a former World Heavyweight Champion and wouldn’t be the current WWE Intercontinental Champion.

The crowd begin applauding the Mysterio family, but then to huge heat – William Regal and his stable, The Ruthless Monarchy, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness. The terrible trio climb into the ring, Nigel and Drew in ring attire while Regal is in a suit, Rey steps in between them and his family. His daughter hides behind her brother while Rey’s wife tries to shield them from the looks of the three men. Regal has a microphone and tells Rey that this is really touching, but he needs to tell his family something, that at Judgment Day, he is going to end Daddy’s career and become WWE Intercontinental Champion, and when he does so he is reviving the prestigious WWE European Championship. Regal finishes by turning to Rey’s family, and walking towards them, Rey steps in front but Regal throws him to the side, he stands in front and as Rey tries to get to him, Nigel and Drew restrain him. Rey tries to break free as Regal kneels down in front of his daughter, and whispers to her, that at Judgment Day, her Daddy will be turned into a cripple, and will lose the title. She buries her head her mother’s side as Regal climbs to his feet and looks at Rey’s wife, he says she is beautiful, but that beauty will fade when he has to look after Rey every day and night when he is confined to a wheel chair.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Rey’s wife slaps the taste out of Regal’s mouth! The fans respond with a huge pop as Regal smirks, he says that she just made a huge mistake, he then sends a signal to Drew and Nigel, and they slam Rey into the ground before proceeding to beat him up. Rey’s wife and children watch, his daughter nearly in tears as they continue to beat him up, but then Cryme Tyme sprint down the ramp to huge cheers! They slide into the ring and tackle Drew and Nigel, they take them down, pounding them with punches before they manage to slide out the ring, meanwhile Regal makes a retreat and Cryme Tyme and Rey’s family help the Intercontinental Champion up. Suddenly, the RAW General Manager walks out to woos, Ric Flair tells everyone that William Regal needs to learn his place, and he should know not to mess with people’s families, he has seen enough of family feuds on this show for a while, and thus he is giving Rey and opportunity. He says that Rey will probably want some measure of revenge for what Regal just did and thus he informs Rey that he will pick the stipulation for their match at Judgment Day. Rey picks up the microphone, breathing heavily, he tells Regal that to stop his cronies getting involved, and because of the fact he just wants to make Regal hurt, and get revenge, the two of them will compete for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, inside... a... Steel...Cage! Regal rants at Rey while Rey checks his family is okay as he fade to a commercial.


We return to RAW and get a brief recap of what went down before, we then see Michelle McCool and Melina are in action as they both make their entrances. Before the match starts, the WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and WWE Divas Champion Maryse walk down to the ring separately, they sit on opposite ends of the announce table as the match begins. This ends up being a pretty good match, back and forth action while the two champions bickered on commentary about who was the best champion. In the end, it is Melina progressing to the finals next week.

We head backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting, he introduces his guest as the WWE Champion, and The Viper, Randy Orton. He walks into the shot, not looking to pleased, arms folded as the fans give him solid heat. Matthews tells him that he heard him say that he had plans for Flair, and he would like to know what that is. Orton says that he’s not going to tell anybody, not these fans and not Josh, because he doesn’t need to, he is the WWE Champion, the top player on this brand. He says that Ric shouldn’t have banned the punt because he’s caused himself a world of pain, and it will come to frutition next week, but right now he’s focusing on Mr. Kennedy. He says that he has a title match against The Undertaker in two weeks time, and facing Mr. Kennedy is a distraction, one he doesn’t need, and it’s Flair’s fault. We now fade away into the commercial.


We return to RAW, and it’s time for the other man in the main event tonight to get a word in, Josh Matthews introduces his guest as Mr. Kennedy and he soon walks into the shot. Josh asks him how he feels about facing Randy Orton, and this must be a huge opportunity for him. Kennedy says that is indeed a huge opportunity, and about damn time, he sarcastically says he knows he’s been injured but he believes that this is his chance to insert himself right in the WWE Championship picture. He says facing Randy Orton is his ticket to that championship, and in a little bit, I will show why I am the future of RAW and take my rightful place as the WWE Champion... because his name is Mr. Kennedy... Kennedy.

Job time! Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase make their way down to the ring where Kung Fu Naki and Jimmy Yang are waiting. DiBiase and Rhodes make short work of the other team, they make sure to inflict as much pain as possible on the Yang and Fu Naki, The finish comes when they beat them up so badly that they both can’t move, and they add insult to injury by connecting with Dream Street and Cross Rhodes for the victory. Legacy leave the ring, looking rather pleased with themselves as we fade to the back.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is walking with his little daughter, he stops and introduces her to CM Punk and TJ Perkins who are talking backstage. They say Hello to her, and wishes Rey luck in his match at Judgment Day before the two of them leave, Rey’s daughter waves at them as they leave, and once they are around the corner, Rey is attacked from behind by Regal and The Ruthless Monarchy! Nigel and Drew grab Rey’s daughter and hold her, as she tries to get to her Dad, but she can’t break free. Regal climbs on top of Rey and pounds his head with fist after fist, before picking him up and throwing him into the wall, head first. Rey drops to the floor, and Regal locks in The Regal Stretch! Regal wrenches the hold before CM Punk, TJ Perkins and Cryme Tyme make an appearance, Regal sees them coming though and The Ruthless Monarchy make an escape. Rey’s daughter kneels beside him and we can see tears rolling down her eye, at being forced to watch her Dad been thrown head first into the wall and being put in the Regal Stretch. We can see blood trickling down Rey’s chin, as it seems his lips have been busted open and it starts being more than a trickle, Punk and TJ cover Rey’s daughters eyes while Shad and JTG help Rey to his feet, referees appear and help as well. The fans are in disgust at what Regal and his group has just done as we fade to commercial.


It’s main event time and the WWE Champion, Randy Orton makes his entrance first, without his Legacy cohorts, he climbs into the ring and raises the title above his head. Soon enough, Mr. Kennedy makes his entrance, getting a good pop from the crowd and climbing into the ring. The referee calls for the bell and we’re off, to begin with we see some back and forth, solid wrestling until Randy Orton uses some underhanded tactics to gain the advantage, he then went through all of his signature moves, locking in a chin lock which eventually Kennedy would fight out of and look like he was about to pick up the win. But Randy Orton would battle back, countering Kennedy’s mic check and finish the match by hitting an RKO on Kennedy. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase then join Orton in the ring for the celebrations, but the three of them then start beating Kennedy up.

The beating continues for a few seconds until the crowd begin cheering loudly as MVP sprints down the aisle, sliding into the ring and taking Rhodes down with a spear, Kennedy gets back to his feet and takes down DiBiase, the two teams of two brawl in the ring as Orton walks away with the WWE Championship in his clutches. He backs up the ramp, watching as the two teams battle, but suddenly the lights go out, and The Undertaker appears behind Randy Orton. Orton stumbles backwards, and backs away from ‘Taker who walks towards him, with the two teams still brawling in the ring, ‘Taker lifts the WWE Championship and extends it to Randy Orton. Orton continues to back away as Undertaker is sending a message to Orton! We fade to black, the end of the show, the last image being Undertaker holding the title above his head as Orton looks up at him.


DATE: 31st May, 2009
LOCATION: Rosemont, Illinois

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Vickie Guerrero’s Contract On The Line
The Big Show w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Steel Cage
Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship – Gauntlet
R-Truth © vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston vs. John Morrison vs. Mike Knox vs Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Tyme © vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix © vs. Maryse © vs. Melina or Katie Lea

Money in the Bank Briefcase – 4 Corners Elimination
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz vs. TJ Perkins

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