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Re: The lost art of reading comprehension on Wrestling Forum.

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
I'm pretty sure even though I do commit a few grammar mistakes now and then, I come across as someone with decent English writing and reading skills. But like I said, of course I'm not going to fully comprehend every single post and thread, of course there's going to be a few times where I think a certain post meant one thing when it didn't.

Are you going to tell me you never posted a mistake, you were never wrong about something? I'm pretty sure a few weeks back you claimed that BULLY didn't make any threads in Rants, when the biggest Rant on this forum's history (reply-wise), created by him, is stamped on the first page, and you replied on another Rant he made besides the Jobbers Thread. See, I just pointed out one flaw from you. Nobody's perfect, face it. I didn't get the real point of the post, shit happens.

@Seabs You're an Admin, how about you put those powers to use and check my IP/Location. Yes, I am Portuguese.
Portuguese? Apocalypto was Portuguese

Cry some more NoyK

Originally Posted by Andy3000 View Post
Oh, he was pretty out of his mind for a minute there. I missed the whole FORUM DRAMA where he was talking suicide and how he loves everybody and all that shit (IDK where I was. Hammered somewhere. Probly). He obviously didn't do it, but I'd assume he's still gorilla shit mental. Wherever he is.
Whilst he didn't do it, there were fears that he would actually do it after being destroyed on numerous occassions by Seb, DIAMOND DALLAS TRASH and the like. Last I saw he was on some DVD review site and was removed from the staff when he was reported for plagiarism.
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