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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Live thoughts from 2CW's Highway to Hell

Cheech vs. Pepper Parks
-Solid enough opener
-Parks had a cheering section of a bunch of pre-teen girls. I wanted to murder them all

Isys Ephex vs. Jason Axe(If Isys wins he gets a title shot in Binghamton. If Axe wins, him and Spike get a title shot in Binghamton)
-You might recoginize Axe from his appearence in a YLC qualifier at Smack in the Middle but then again you probably don't
-Isys has been on a winning streak and has been eyeing a title shot the whole time
-Watertown didn't feel like showing up so these guys didn't have much to work with
-These two have had 2 extremely bloody matches against each other this year so the match with the most at stake so far for these guys without a hardcore element felt odd
-Isys broke the bottom rope during this match
-Isys wins so he will get a 2CW Heavyweight title match in Binghamton

Strive To Survive: ZS3/Colin Delaney/Sean Carr/Kage/Loca Vida vs. Matt Milan/Marcos/Dick Justice/Pete D. Order/EMT
-So here's the gist:Kage and Carr are a tag team known as Team CK, Dick/Pete/EMT are a group of fatties that play cops(EMT is actually a medic but who cares) and Dick might be the funniest wrestler in 2CW, and ZS3 and Matt Milan have been feuding
-This is a Survivor Series type match
-The rope is fixed during the match so no time was really used up in order to get the bottom rope fixed
-They trade eliminations quickly until its down to ZS3/Colin and Milan/Marcos
-From there the match is pretty good

Slyck Wagner Brown vs. MASADA
-Hardest hitting match of the night
-Two bigger indy guys going at it is always a unique sight to see
-Masada loses whatever keeps his hair from going all over the plays and that shit is everywhere
-Good match

Super Smash Bros. vs. Sami Callihan/Rich Swann(2CW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH)
-SSB come to the ring and then they go to announce Sami and Swann and they don't show up. I'm about to flip. They announce that SSB's challengers are the Super Smash Bros. and Sami and Swann come out in SSB's gear with Sami being Player Uno and Swann being Player Dos. IT WAS SO AWESOME
-They play with this the entire match where they pretend not to know Player Uno or Player Dos is on their respective team. And both teams actually swapped corners I believe 3 times in the match
-Dos busts his nose in this match
-At one point Sami had his mask removed and the entire building was like OMG! And Player Uno says "YOU'RE NOT PLAYER UNO!"
-Both the comedy and the action were great

DJ Hyde vs. The After Party
-DJ Hyde showing up was not announced. He gives a speech about him being the greatest ever and mocking The After Party(A tag team that had never wrestled in 2CW before so I just referred to them as The Job Squad)
-SQUASH CITY!!! So Hyde drops one of them on their head with a sleeper german I think and kills the other with a lariat all while no selling literally everything The After Party did
-I don't know where this is going if anywhere but I'll be honest it almost peaked my interest, not in DJ Hyde but why the hell 2CW had him come when 75% of the audience didn't know who he was

Cherry Bomb vs. Addy Starr
-Cherry Bomb is the woman of 2CW right now when it use to be Portia Perez
-I had never seen Addy Starr before and I can say I wanna see her back in 2CW. Maybe for the Girls Grand Prix 2
-Good woman's match and having Cherry looking strong against all comers and Rachel Summerlyn still the first GGP winner and other top female wrestlers laying in wait could make for a very interesting GGP2 in May

Demolition vs. Killer Steves vs. First Class
-All you need to know is this is 2CW's big old time wrestling showcase aka the match or segment involving a big name from the past to bring in the locals. Demolition was lots of fun though even if the crowd sucked

Kevin Steen vs. Spike Dudley(2CW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH)
-This was a match for the 2CW fans at the end of the day
-A brawl around the venue that made this match which hasn't been seen in 2CW for quite some time even though earlier in 2CW's history crowd brawling was almost guaranteed on every show
-Spike starts this match off like a mad man, grabbing chairs from fans and hitting Steen like it was no big deal
-Big Spots included a dive by Spike from a storage container to Steen on the floor and Spike going for a Sliced Bread#2 on the outside through a table but Steen pushing Spike off him through the table mid-move
-Jason Axe would interfere during this match as the ref was down and hit Spike with a chair(a man he is facing in Binghamton as well as having a long violent history with him). Steen goes for the cover and only gets 2
-My Favorite Part of the match: Steen says "Oh yeah lets go Spike"*Lifts Spike up for the Package Piledriver*"SPIKE"*Spikes Spike on his head with the Package Piledriver* End of match
-Fun chaotic brawl with Spike in his return delivering big time and Steen thriving in the environment

OVERALL: Good show. Not the best I've seen from 2CW and the usually awesome crowd fell flat but hopefully that changes tomorrow night, or I guess it would be tonight now, in Binghamton

This here is the second reason for this post. 2CW announced the first two matches for their first ever iPPV on April 20,2013 in Watertown: 1)Sami Callihan vs. Matt Hardy 2)Eddie Edwards vs. John Morrison

Now I'm excited to see these matches live but if they weren't in 2CW where they are easy for me to go to I'm not quite sure if these matches would sell me on the iPPV. If nothing else it looks like it doesn't matter if they are in EVOLVE or ROH, 2CW is putting them on iPPV.

2CW has tried making a point that they don't need anyone elses help besides the fans in making this event a success and that scares me greatly since most of their fans are rednecks and think 2CW is truly the best independent promotion there is and that all other promotions are crap. It isn't the best. Its a lot of fun and puts on some unique matches you might not be able to get other places but it isn't the best. The first 2 matches will likely bring in the live crowd and it will be the biggest live attendance for a show probably but to me personally those matches don't look like iPPV selling matches. But that could just be me
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