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Re: Do I Have Everybody's Attention Now?

What other "pipebombs" can he drop at this point? Punk was like the AE in some ways during the summer of 2011. One of the similarities is the fact that it got so hot that there was nowhere else to go but down. The guy got everything he wanted and he as been champion for an entire year now. What is there to bitch about? If WWE gave CM Punk Earth, he would bitch about not having the rest of the Universe, and his fans would agree.

Plus, I feel that HHH won most of the war of words with Punk anyway. And Punk was just a guy who knew what the Cena/PG era haters wanted to hear, even if he didn't believe it. The fans who were not impressed with Punk's promos during that time period were the fans who are not easily manipulated. Plus, Punk came off as a complete bully during that time, even during his feud with Johnny Ace (I miss him), I actually felt sympathy for Punk's nemesis. What did Vince Mcmahon, HHH, John Cena, or Johnny Ace ever do to CM Punk? Everything that happened was all about Punk manipulating his way to the upper echelon. The promo Cena did on Punk on the Raw before Night of Champions was completely on point. Cena was 100% with that promo.

And I am going to type this question again: What other "pipebombs" can he drop at this point? Seriously, Punk is one small step away from going on Raw and saying wrestling is fake. I have nothing against the shoot style, but it does tend to have a short shelf life compared to kayfabe. Wrestling without some sense of kayfabe has no life. Wrestling cannot go the way of Reality TV. That is why I never liked Tough Enough. I understand the late 90s wrestling scene and documentaries like Beyond The Mat, etc. (I am not going to include Wrestling With Shadows, since it was probably part of the work called the Montreal Screwjob) let the cat out of the bag, but it is time to put it back in. Even if it will take decades to do it.
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