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Actually, it's pretty easy to prove he didn't want them to leave.

All you have to do is watch the Bret & Shawn Greatest Rivalries DVD from last year. In it, Bret tells a story of him and Shawn having a conversation pre-ironman match about what Shawn was going to do once when he won the title. Bret says that Shawn told him that he was going to work a program with Nash, Hall, and Triple H. If anything, he wanted to work with the clique, not away from them.

Hell, you could listen to an interview from pretty much anyone in the WWF at that time period, and they basically all say that, whether it be Shane Douglas or whoever from that time period. And I never intend to be a dick to anyone, unless they were to me first. And for some reason, you were. All I did was reply. You're welcome

What're you even talking about? Wow. Someone didn't watch the Bret/Shawn DVD from last year. You don't have to be Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, or Vince McMahon himself to know Shawn wanted to work with his buddies. All you have to be is someone who watched the DVD. He in no way wanted them to leave. Ever.

Oh, and after Bret told that story, Shawn himself said that he wanted to work with his buddies and take care of them. Straight from the horses mouth.

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