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Re: Shawn Michaels and Diesel

Originally Posted by ShowStopper '97 View Post
Not really. No one pointed out that he would be working alot less dates in WCW and also the fact that the money Nash would be making in WCW would be guaranteed, which is a big part of the reason any wrestler left the WWF for WCW at that time. You also made it sound like he was okay with Nash leaving because he wouldn't have to share the spotlight with him. False. Thank ya'.
I admit, I said nothing of the dates. But, I previously mentioned the guranteed money, as Hall informed Nash of it and Nash gave Vince the option to match it. Vince couldn't because business was down and if he did it for Nash, he would do it for everybody.

And I never factually said HBK was happy with Nash leaving. Read the post again, kid. I said IMO, that was what HBK wanted. That gave him the ability to reign atop WWE, especially when it was basically known at the same point that Bret & Nash were going to be leaving and that left HBK & Taker as the only main event guys, both babyfaces.

Unless your name is Kevin Nash or Shawn Michaels, you can't prove any of my opinions to be false. All you can do is repeat what they want you to know instead of forming your own opinion.

You're welcome. And I'll be waiting for you to rep me back.

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