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Re: Shawn Michaels and Diesel

I have the Diesel 1995 Timeline shoot DVD, too. And I've seen alot of Nash shoots over the years. He left the WWF because Bischoff was offering him (and Hall) more money than Vince could at the time, and not only that, but *guaranteed* money. This was still at the time when Vince was only offering "opportunities" to the wrestlers. Meaning, the more the wrestler got over with the audience and more money he drew, the more money he would make. But if that wrestler didn't get over and didn't draw, than he would make very little.

With the guaranteed money Bischoff was able to offer Nash (Hall, and others), this meant that no matter how much or little each wrestler drew, they were still going to make a guaranteed amount of money (and since Bischoff had Ted Turner's money to play with, that guaranteed amount was always alot). So..

1). Nash, Hall, and others left because they were getting a guaranteed amount of money in WCW. No matter how much they got over (or how little), no matter how many PPVs they headlined (or didn't), and no matter how much money they made the company (or didn't) they were still guaranteed to get a huge sum of money. This was something Vince wasn't able to offer. He might have been able to offer it to 1 or 2 guys, but like Nash said Vince said to him, even if he did give it to 1 or 2 guys, the rest of the roster would obviously get wind of it and they would all want that, and that's just something he couldn't do.

2) Nash (Hall, and others) also left because in WCW they were only going to have to work half the amount of days they would have to work in the WWF. The WWF has somewhere between 270-300 shows a year at that point. WCW had somewhere between 150-200 shows per year at that point. That's alot less time on the road.

So, basically, Nash, Hall and anyone else who left the WWF for WCW during that time period got more money, all guaranteed, no matter how shitty they performed, and got to work half the amount of days they would have worked in the WWF. So, basically, what would you take? More money and less work or Less money and more work? You don't have to be a genius to figure that one out.

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